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return channel restarts! this year’s first return cr express (xiamen-pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-05-26 | source:c&d inc.
on may 25th, the first return the cr express (xiamen) of the year successfully arrive at xiamen dongfu station. this cr express, operated by c&d inc. (, departed from solikamsk station, russia, entered china via erenhot port, and took 20 days to arrive in xiamen.

the running of the cr express (xiamen) marks the restart of the return channel between xiamen and russia, which can more effectively meet the logistics needs of foreign trade enterprises in fujian, enhance the comprehensive transportation efficiency of the international freight system, and help xiamen free trade zone steadily improve the level of trade facilitation.

the cr express (xiamen-russia) is a freight train operated by c&d inc., which connects russia and xiamen under the belt and road initiative. since its operation in 2017, the cr express (xiamen-russia) has taken multiple measures to constantly innovate its operation model and improve its comprehensive operation capacity by vigorously carrying out cross-border sea-rail combined transport business and opening export cold chain international trains.

looking forward, relying on xiamens comprehensive advantages of “maritime silk road” and land silk road intersection hub and brics innovation base, c&d inc. will continue to exert its supply chain operation capabilities, inject vitality into xiamens deepening cooperation and exchanges with taiwan, and the construction of the innovation center of brics partnership on the new industrial revolution.