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c&d emerging energy works together with partners to discuss about green development -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-05-27 | source:c&d inc.

from may 24 to 26, the 16th (2023) international photovoltaic power generation and smart energy conference & exhibition was held in shanghai new international expo center. snec is the worlds most influential international photovoltaic event and is recognized as the barometer and weather vance of the photovoltaic industry. c&d emerging energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc. (, brought the lift supply chain service system of new energy (photovoltaic, lithium) industry into the exhibition, and jointly talked about green development with customers and partners in the global new energy industry.

during the exhibition, c&d emerging energy and changjiang green energy investment (shanghai) co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "changjiang green energy investment") signed a strategic cooperation agreement. he bailei, general manager of changjiang green development private equity fund management co., ltd, zheng yongda, party secretary and chairman of c&d inc., xu jiana, vice general manager of c&d inc., and other leaders of both sides attended the signing ceremony.

changjiang green energy investment is the clean energy asset investment platform initiated by changjiang green fund with a registered capital of 3 billion yuan, mainly investing in wind power projects, photovoltaic power projects, photovoltaic power generation projects, energy storage projects and source grid charging and storage projects. according to this signing, both sides will deepen cooperation in the fields of comprehensive smart energy and photovoltaic power station project development in china, give full play to their respective advantages in the field of new energy development and supply chain resource integration, strengthen communication, expand cooperation space, and jointly commit to create a strategic partnership of win-win and sustainable development.

on the same day, c&d inc. and jiangsu shunfeng photovoltaic technology co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shunfeng photovoltaic) signed a memorandum of strategic partnership. wang shuiyun, chairman of shunfeng photovoltaic and suntech power, qiu bo, vice president of suntech power, zheng yongda, party secretary and chairman of c&d inc., nd other leaders of both sides attended the signing ceremony.

shunfeng photovoltaic has been deeply engaged in the photovoltaic industry for many years, and currently is a leading manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products. its wholly-owned subsidiary suntech power has shipped more than 40gw of modules, accumulating profound channel resources at home and abroad, and has maintained its brand forefront of bloomberg tier 1. in the future both sides will jointly build more comprehensive supply chain services and project investment cooperation,

looking forward, c&d emerging energy will accelerate the pace of internationalization, focus on the professional operation of new energy, provide customized, efficient and reliable new energy supply chain service solutions for global customers, and inject c&d energy into the green life.