supply chain operator

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supply chain operator

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  • 2023 ranked 11st

    fortune china 500 listed companies

    fortune chinese edition
  • 2020 ranked 23rd

    china's top 500 foreign trade companies

    china association for foreign economic and trade statistics
  • 2023 ranked 640th

    forbes global top 2000 enterprises

    forbes magazine
  • 2022 ranked 71st

    china business top 100

    warton economic institute
  • 2018-2022

    constituent stock of msci index system

  • 2019-2022

    constituent stock of ftse global equity index series

  • 2019-2022

    constituent stock of s&p emerging bmi

    standard & poor's
  • 2022

    constituent stock of csi smallcap 500 index

    shanghai and shenzhen stock exchange
  • 2005-2022

    constituent stock of csi dividend index

    shanghai and shenzhen stock exchange
  • 2008-2022

    sample stock of sse corporate governance index

    shanghai stock exchange
  • 2021

    national model enterprise for supply chain innovation and application

    ministry of commerce of the people's republic of china
  • 2018 ranked 98th

    the bund-china’s top 100 brands on innovation value

    school of management, fudan university,shanghai enterprise culture and brand research institute
  • 2010-2015

    constituent stock of sse 100 index

    shanghai stock exchange
  • 2010

    china's top 100 most competitive listed companies

    china's listed company development center, southern entrepreneur magazine agency
  • 2010

    china's top 100 listed companies with highest investment value

    china's listed company development center
  • 2010 ranked 83th

    golden bull top 100 companies

    china stock newspaper
  • 1999-2012

    china's top 500 enterprises with the largest import-export volume

  • 2012 ranked 1st

    fujian province's top 100 enterprises

    the enterprises evaluation association of fujian province
  • 2000-2010

    fujian province's top 300 enterprises in tertiary industry

    the fujian province enterprise economics evaluation association
  • 2011

    fujian province's top 100 commercial tax contributors

    fujian provincial office, sat, fujian local taxation bureau
  • 1999-2010

    organizations of fujian province with excellent credit standing and reputaion for honoring contracts

    fujian provincial administration for industry and commerce
  • 2015 ranked 1st

    xiamen's top 100 enterprises

    xiamen enterprises and entrepreneurs association
  • 1999-2014

    xiamen aaa credit-standing enterprise

    xiamen finance consulting and credit rating
  • 2002-2006

    china's top 500 enterprises

    china enterprise association
  • 2002-2009

    china's top 100 companies

  • 2006 ranked 43th

    china's top 100 listed companies

    shanghai stock newspaper
  • 2005 ranked 46th

    china's top 100 enterprises listed by standard and poors

    standard & poor's
  • 2001 ranked 47th

    top 50 listed enterprises on the shanghai stock market

    shanghai stock exchange
  • 1999-2009

    china's quality-driven and profit-oriented advanced enterprises of foreign economic relations and trade

    china shippers association
  • 2006

    national organizations with excellent credit standing and reputation for honoring contracts

  • 2005

    china's enterprise information top 500

    china informationization assessment center
  • 2007

    fujian province's top 300 commercial tax payers of local taxation bureau

    the enterprises evaluation association of fujian province