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c&d inc. won the 5th new fortune best listed company and best esg practice award -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-05-25 | source:c&d inc.

on may 25, 2023, the "5th new fortune best listed company award ceremony" was held in guangdong. c&d inc. ( was awarded the 5th new fortune best listed company and best esg practice award for its outstanding performance.

the new fortune best listed company selection has a wide range of popularity and influence in the capital market, which aims to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the quality and reputation of information disclosure of listed companies in china, and finds the most recognized representative in terms of transparency and integrity.

c&d inc. has always been adhering to the principle of transparent corporate governance, continuously promoting the construction of internal control standard system, actively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of investors. in terms of information disclosure, c&d inc. has obtained the highest rating of a class in the annual assessment of the shanghai stock exchange for six consecutive years, and has maintained multi-channel communication and exchange with investors. in terms of esg practice, the board of directors has set up the strategy and sustainable development committee, which is responsible for making suggestions on the company's esg strategy and related matters, guiding and supervising the companys esg related work.

looking forward, c&d inc. will keep the corporate conduct code of simple, respectful and responsible, continuously improve the level of corporate governance, promote the core business to achieve high-quality development, practice the corporate mission down-to-earth, and explore the road to sustainable development.