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fruitful results of global layouts achieved again! c&d agricultural products goes overseas and reaches significant agreements -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-05-17 | source:c&d inc.
recently, c&d inc. ( agriculture products group (hereinafter referred to as c&d agricultural products) has been to brazil and singapore to carry out in-depth exchanges with local enterprises, and has reached significant cooperation agreements, which helps accelerate the globalization of agricultural products.

c&d agricultural products & olam global agri
on may 15, the "china (fujian) - singapore economic and trade cooperation promotion conference" was held in singapore. at the meeting, c&d agricultural products signed the purchase cooperation agreement with olam global agri.
as a leading agricultural supply chain operator in china, c&d agricultural products has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with olam global agri in soybean and corn business, and the number of cooperation has reached a new high repeatedly. the cooperation agreement signed this time would further deepen the scale and depth of cooperation between both sides in the field of agricultural products, jointly expand the development path of buying global, selling asia and share new opportunities of regional agricultural economy.

c&d agricultural products & timbro trading s.a.
on may 10, c&d agricultural products signed an intended agreement with timbro trading s.a. (hereinafter referred to as “timbro”).
since 2020, c&d agricultural products has established a stable cooperative relationship with timbro on cotton export business in brazil. on the basis of deepening cooperation in cotton, both sides intend to further expand their business areas, leverage their business advantages in the supply chain of agricultural products, and expand the scope of cooperation to food, cereal, sugar and coffee.

in recent years, c&d agricultural products has shared development opportunities with partners along the belt and road, brics countries, rcep member countries and other countries and regions, helping to expand domestic consumption choices. in the future, c&d agricultural products will continue to seek overseas market opportunities, promote the effective allocation of upstream and downstream resources in the supply chain, and contribute to the industrial upgrading of the global agricultural products field.