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c&d inc. and vx logistics signed strategic cooperation agreement -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-01-13 | source:c&d inc.

on january 10,
 c&d inc. and shanghai vx logistics co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as vx logistics) held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement in xiamen c&d international building. lin mao, vice party secretary and general manager of c&d inc., zhang xu, chairman of vx logistics and business leaders of both sides attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

before the ceremony, xu biao, general manager of logistics management department of c&d inc., led vx logistics team to visit c&d global exchange exhibition hall and introduced the companys achievements in the global supply chain of consumer goods, the construction of consumer goods ecosystem, empowerment of excellent brand and new retail business development, especially the supply chain professional service capability in several consumer goods segments such as light textile, food, daily necessities, wine, etc.

at the ceremony, both sides reviewed the in-depth cooperation in frozen meat and dairy products in recent years and exchanged views on the future direction of cooperation. the two companies are highly consistent in the concept of the construction of consumer goods ecosystem, and share a common resonance in the international development and layout direction. both sides will complement each other's advantages and achieve common development through multifaceted cooperation.

according to the strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will carry out close cooperation on warehousing and logistics operation management, logistics assets operation and other aspects. vx logistics will assist c&d inc. to build the supply chain management platform through its science and technology capability, thus improving the efficiency of supply chain operation and building a technology-driven integrated supply chain operation system. in addition, both sides will jointly explore innovative ways of cooperation in logistics asset investment and operation. 

taking this strategic cooperation as an opportunity, the cooperation between c&d inc. and vx logistics has entered the stage of in-depth expansion. both sides will form regular meeting and daily working mechanisms to discuss specific cooperation matters, so as to promote the implementation of strategic cooperation.