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fonterra global ceo miles hurrell and his delegation visited c&d inc. -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-02-07 | source:c&d inc.

on february 6,
 fonterra global ceo miles hurrell and his delegation visited c&d inc. zheng yongda, c&d's general manager, party secretary and chairman of c&d inc., wang zhibing, vice manager of c&d inc., du chengrong, general manager of c&d merchandise, etc., extended warm welcome to the guests and guided them to visit the c&d space exhibition hall. subsequently, the two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on strengthening cooperation.

at the meeting, zheng yongda first introduced to the guests the overview of business operation in recent years, business areas, development ideas of supply chain operation, and said that c&d inc. has formed a close strategic cooperation with fonterra, and has created several milestones together. in the future, it is hoped that both sides will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and c&d inc. will learn more from fonterra to become a leading enterprise like fonterra.

miles hurrell also introduced the operating business of fonterra group in china and the strategic cooperation with c&d inc. he said that since the cooperation began, fonterra not only made a significant growth in business, but also allowed fonterra to devote more energy to product research. fonterra had noticed that a growing number of chinese consumers were focusing on a balanced diet, which also brought fonterra more opportunities. miles hoped to deepen cooperation with c&d inc. to increase their presence in chinese market.

currently, fonterra works closely with many dairy brands, large food and catering manufacturers and many chain restaurants. while helping fonterra meet the growing demand of china's dairy market, c&d inc. also actively implements various sustainable development measures with fonterra. during 2021 and 2022, both sides signed a low-carbon cooperation initiative, and c&d inc. actively participated in supporting fonterra's tree-planting activities. 

under the dual circulation development pattern, c&d inc. will continue to deepen the development strategy of specialization and internationalization, continue to expand the scale of international trade cooperation relying on the advantages of resource allocation at home and abroad, and work together with global partners, exploit new value for more people to live a superior life.