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c&d inc. officially joined china iron and steel association -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-02-13 | source:c&d inc.

on february 13, the fifth meeting of the sixth general assembly of china iron and steel association was held in beijing. at the meeting, qu xili, vice president and secretary general of china iron and steel association, announced the decision of eight companies including c&d inc. ( to join china iron and steel association.

c&d inc. steel & iron group is the steel supply chain business operation specialized group of c&d inc. over the years, c&d steel & iron has focused on industrial materials, construction steel, metallurgical raw materials, steel renewable resources and other products around the iron and steel industry chain. it has provided supply chain operation services including logistics, information, finance and trading for upstream and downstream customers, including the supply of metallurgical raw materials to the sales of finished steel products, helping customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

looking forward, c&d steel & iron will firmly take root in the steel industry, continue to deepen the field of steel supply chain, link up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, constantly innovate service mode, improve service efficiency, and achieve win-win progress with partners.