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set sail anew: xiamen xiang’an porsche center grandly reopened -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-01-06 | source:c&d inc.

on january 5, xiamen xiang’an porsche center was grandly reopened. the ceremony was attended by mr. michael kirsch, president and ceo of porsche china, mr. lin mao, general manager of c&d inc., mr. huang weiping, general manager of c&d automobile co., ltd. and other leaders and guests.

as an important partner of porsche china, c&d automobile co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as c&d auto), a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc. (, has promoted porsche brand culture and service concept to six provinces and nine cities, including, kunming, fuzhou, nanning, shenyang, xi’an, liuzhou, changchun, dali, etc. in 18 years from xiamen, the core city of the western taiwan straits economic zone since 2004, providing porsche owners with high quality services.

opened in 2010, xiamen xiang’an porsche center is an important milestone of the cooperation between c&d auto and porsche china. as the first porsche center opened in southern fujian, xiamen xiang’an porsche center has continued to bring supreme service to consumers in southern fujian and surrounding areas for the past 12 years. at the same time, xiamen xiang’an porsche center has also cultivated a large quantity of talents, which guarantees the development of porsche business in all regions of c&d auto. 

on the day of the ceremony, mr. michael kirsch, along with his delegation, paid a special visit to c&d corp., ltd., accompanied by mr. zheng yongda, c&d’s general manager, party secretary and chairman of c&d inc. in the meantime, the two parties exchanged views on the strategic planning and development of porsche brand of both sides frankly and thoroughly. 

looking forward, c&d auto will further the cooperation with porsche, expand the depth of cooperation, and work with porsche to provide top-quality service and customer care, share the passion for sports car culture, and create a “unique” dream sports car for every customer.