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c&d inc. won the “best information disclosure award” of 6th china ir annual awards -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-12-26 | source:c&d inc.

on december 22, the result of “china ir annual awards” launched by roadshow china and its brand “excellence ir” were released. c&d inc. ( won the “best information disclosure award” over the past five years for its outstanding performance in information disclosure.
“china ir annual awards” has long been committed to profession, objectivity, fairness and accuracy as the concept, focusing on the ir front-line practitioners of listed companies. a total of nearly 500 listed companies participated in the selection. the committee made a comprehensive evaluation based on investor online voting, ir white paper questionnaire, evaluation materials of listed companies, expert review and other aspects, and finally selected 75 listed companies whose information disclosure work in 2022 can play a demonstration effect among peers. so far, this award has become one of the most professional awards focusing on the ir field of listed companies in china.
compliant and effective information disclosure is not only an important way to convey company value, but also the basis of investors’ right to know. high-quality information disclosure of c&d inc. has been fully recognized by regulators, and has been awarded “a-class annual information disclosure rating” by the shanghai stock exchange, establishing a good image in the capital market.
to improve the information transparency and enhance investors’ understanding and recognition to the company, c&d inc. takes both compliance and flexibility on the basis of information disclosure required by law, and actively strengthens voluntary information disclosure to provide more reasonable bases for capital market investors to judge the value of the company. in the annual and semi-annual reports, c&d inc. voluntarily discloses more detailed financial data and data of main business segments, so as to facilitate investors to track the growth of the company’s business.  furthermore, c&d inc. continuously optimizes the chapter “management discussion and analysis”, constantly updates and refines the company’s business model presentation, and disintegrated the introduction of the supply chain operation business services links. taking the service manufacturing enterprise and the pulp and the paper industrial chain as an example, c&d inc. introduces the business model and service projects of “supply chain service operator” to investors with lively texts and images, which gives consideration to the reading habits and information needs of both professional and scattered investors.
in terms of esg information disclosure, c&d inc. upgraded “social responsibility report” to “social responsibility and esg report”, and the company’s esg practice cases were included in “esg case series of listed companies” compiled by china association for public companies (capco).
this award indicates the capital market’s recognition of the company’s information disclosure. in the future, c&d inc. will continue to optimize the information disclosure management system, adhere to the concept of “creating value and rewarding investors”, and constantly improve the quality of information disclosure.