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date: 2023-01-06 | source:c&d inc.

on january 5, 2023, at the beginning of the new year, good news was announced for the construction of c&d clean energy distributed photovoltaic power project, the 3.5mw distributed photovoltaic power plant project in jiangsu sihong yan tie food co., ltd. was successfully connected to the grid. this project, independently invested and constructed by c&d clean energy, made full use of the idle roof of yan tie food, and realized rational use of resources, bringing safe, green and sustainable clean energy to the enterprise.
the 3.5mw distributed photovoltaic power plant project is located in yan tie food factory in sihong, suqian, jiangsu province, with a total area of 36,000 square meters. more than 20 years since its establishment, yan tie food has been a well-known local catering and food leading enterprise, and has always focused on food technology research. it is committed to build a convenient comprehensive food supplier, and currently has a number of self-created well-known food brands, such as “xue zi shan”, “yan tie xiao chu”, “yan tie tang”, “zhi wei xiao chu”,etc. the cooperation with c&d clean energy will help company produce more green and efficient foods. after the distributed project is connected to the grid, the consumption mode of “spontaneous self-use, surplus electricity online” will be adopted, and the electricity will give priority to meet the daily production and operation needs of the enterprise, whose consumption ratio will be approximately 100%. it is estimated that the annual electricity generation can reach 4 million kwh after the photovoltaic power station is connected to the power distribution system through low voltage. meanwhile, the emission reduction effect is significant, it is estimated that 70,422 tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be saved accumulated within the 25-year design and operation cycle.
the grid-connection of the project cannot be separated from coordination and execution of the business development and construction personnel, which is also a reflection of the professionalism of the construction of the clean energy distributed project. during the construction period, the project was challenged and disturbed by typhoons and covid-19 pandemic. under the premise of protecting constructors’ safety, business team coordinated and communicated with construction team actively, and finally completed the construction and put into production with quality and quantity, which realized a win-win situation of economic and ecological benefits.
as a clean energy solution provider under c&d inc., c&d clean energy is committed to providing one-stop solutions in project development, investment, epc, equipment supply and operation, and ensuring optimal project power generation income through strict quality management system and first-line brand product selection. up to now, the company's distributed business investment scope has covered fujian, jiangsu, shandong, henan, shanghai, guangdong and other regions. the successful implementation of yan tie food project will have a significant demonstration effect, which will contribute to the development of clean energy project business in the surrounding parks “point to area”, and form a “radiation effect”. in the future, c&d clean energy will continue to develop in the field of distributed photovoltaic to bring convenient, economical and clean electricity to business owners and contribute to the realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.