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c&d inc. crowned on the top 100 listed companies in china for 14 consecutive years -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-12-20 | source:c&d inc.

on december 17, 2022, the “22th summit forum of top 100 chinese listed companies & 2022 china’s top 100 list companies award ceremony” hosted by the organizing committee of top 100 chinese listed companies summit forum and warton economic institute was held in hainan. c&d inc. ( ranked no. 71 on the list of “china’s top 100 listed companies 2022”, and was awarded “china ethical enterprise award” and “china top 100 special contribution enterprise award”.
“china’s top 100 listed companies”is compiled by the cbt100 index system based on total profits. c&d inc., with a total profit of 15.802 billion yuan (2021), ranked 71st on the list, up two places from last year, and has been on the list for 14 consecutive years since 2009.
in terms of social responsibility, c&d inc., as the leading supply chain operator in china, actively helps troubled manufacturing enterprises to resume production and operation, promote local economic development, guarantee people’s livelihood and stabilize employment through its strong supply chain operation experience. in recent two years, c&d inc. has participated in the bankruptcy reorganization of samson paper group, and managed xiangguang copper, which was facing production suspension. through efficient cooperation with local government, c&d inc. has helped companies resume production at the fastest speed, protecting the interests of nearly 3000 employees of samson paper group and xiangguang copper.
going forward, c&d inc. will further the development strategy of "professionalism" and "internationalization", further extend to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, enhance the value of supply chain service, and maintain competitive advantage of core superiority categories.