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c&d inc. made its first purchase of secondary aluminum in japan -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-09-14 | source:c&d inc.

thanks to the cooperation between c&d japan and c&d aluminium, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of c&d inc. (, the first order of locally sourced secondary metallic aluminum in japan was loaded on september 13 and will soon be shipped to vietnam, a member of rcep.
c&d aluminium has set up a good brand image based on its years of engagement in the aluminium industry, and has accumulated a large downstream customer base. c&d japan is rich in upstream supply resources of secondary aluminium in japan. through this cooperation, c&d japan and c&d aluminium can exploit their complementary advantages and resources to build up the momentum for c&d inc. to develop secondary aluminium business overseas.
to facilitate c&d inc. to accelerate its internationalization, c&d japan, upon exhaustive research on the demands of rcep members, brings into play c&d inc.'s professional advantages in the field of international trade to focus on areas such as carbon neutrality centered on japan, link high-quality product resources, and actively promote the liberalization and facilitation of commodity trade in the rcep region, thereby benefiting the people of all rcep member states and enabling more people to live a more quality life.
looking ahead, c&d inc. will make active efforts to facilitate the research, application, and promotion of industrial technologies, strengthen the exploration and management of the green supply chain, help the industry transformation and upgrading, and make contributions to the realization of the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, so as to jointly create a green, low-carbon era with circular development.