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cheongfuli (xiamen) of c&d steel & iron group honored with 2022 china outstanding international steel trading enterprise -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-09-20 | source:c&d inc.

on september 14, the 2022 china steel overseas development forum was held in hangzhou, where a list of 2022 china outstanding international steel trading enterprises was released.
cheongfuli (xiamen) co., ltd., a member enterprise of c&d steel & iron group of c&d inc. (, was listed for its superior marketing capabilities and brand awareness in the field of international supply chain operations. chen yuehua, general manager of c&d steel & iron group, su shaorong, general manager of cheongfuli (xiamen) co., ltd., etc. were invited to attend the forum and witnessed the release of the list together.
as a special guest, chen yuehua delivered a keynote speech at the forum. c&d steel & iron group, as she said, is capitalizing on the development paradigm of dual circulation to speed up its internationalization pace. through measures such as dual support of investment and logistics and empowerment of technology and finance, c&d steel & iron group will seize the opportunity of international trade window period to carry out business through multiple trade modes of import, export and transit, continuously innovate customer demand-oriented supply chain services, and make flexible use of financial instruments such as black futures and over-the-counter options to empower supply chain operations.
c&d steel & iron group adheres to the development strategy of "specialization and going global" to seek new opportunities for development abroad. cheongfuli (xiamen), a subsidiary of c&d steel & iron group that specializes in the international steel supply chain operation, follows china’s belt and road initiative to proceed steadily with the layout of overseas resources, logistics, service outlets and talents, and enter the steel and iron industry circle around the world. it has established business relationships with partners in 115 countries and regions, demonstrating its superior capacity for international supply chain operation. in recent years, c&d steel & iron group has developed multiple modes of international business, maintaining a good momentum of development in overseas business.
going forward, c&d steel & iron group will continue to make full use of its strength in the supply chain business with a scale of over 200 billion yuan and its extensive experience, and apply its innovative modes of capacity leasing, industrial investment, derivatives application and supply chain projects in the domestic market to the international market to enhance the resilience and toughness of its international supply chain. while insisting on specialized operations, c&d steel & iron group will also take the initiative to integrate into the new development paradigm of dual circulation, keep connecting high-quality resources for customers, and join hands with customers at home and abroad to create value, thereby jointly building a harmonious and win-win iron and steel industry ecosystem.