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c&d paper & pulp and ilim group reached a strategic partnership agreement -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-09-08 | source:c&d inc.

on september 7, the 4th brics forum on partnership on new industrial revolution was held at the xiamen international conference & exhibition center. the forum saw the execution of a strategic partnership agreement by and between xiamen c&d paper & pulp co., ltd. (c&d paper & pulp), a wholly-owned subsidiary of xiamen c&d inc. (, and ilim group at the brics innovation center project signing ceremony. the signing was attended by cheng dongfang, deputy general manager of c&d inc. and general manager of c&d paper & pulp.
according to the agreement, c&d paper & pulp will import and purchase pulp and paper products worth usd 150 million from ilim group in the coming year, thereby securing subsequent business growth for both parties. given the consistently positive economic and trade relations between china and russia and the favorable macro policy orientation, reaching this cooperation will facilitate c&d paper & pulp's expansion into russia's pulp and paper market, and promote both sides' exchange and cooperation on new products, technologies and services, in order to exploit complementary advantages for win-win development.
ilim group is one of c&d paper & pulp's key strategic partners, with a partnership of over 15 years. amidst the deepening brics partnership, c&d paper & pulp has had many in-depth discussions with ilim group regarding the extension of sales and services of pulp and kraft paper products to china's central and southwest markets.
going forward, while retaining its advantages in integrated supply chain services, c&d paper & pulp will uphold the lift service concept to provide customized and specialized services for upstream and downstream customers to help them reduce costs, increase efficiency and realize value enhancement.