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a new line opened for c&d special train of china-pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-06-07 | source:c&d inc.

on june 4, a consignment of cargo containers from kaohsiung, taiwan headed for russia onboard the c&d special train of china-europe railway express (xiamen). this is the maiden trip of "taiwan-xiamen-st.petersburg" sea-rail intermodal transport service of china-europe railway express (xiamen). relevant coverage was posted on xiamen daily and cited here for reference.
this consignment vehicular lamps came from kaohsiung, taiwan with a value of about 860,000 yuan. previously, this consignment arrived in xiamen by sea. as estimated, all the customs transit, quarantine and disinfection formalities can be cleared within just one day for cargoes heading for russia onboard china-europe railway express via xiamen, down by nearly 50% in time consumed compared with complete sea transport. it can thus effectively save logistics costs, increase time efficiency of transport and fully display the quality business environment of the xiamen area of china (fujian) pilot free-trade zone and the unique advantages of china-europe railway express (xiamen) as a sea-rail intermodal transport service.
the traditional sea transport services from taiwan and southeast asia to russia have been restricted since march this year but the sea-rail intermodal logistics services from taiwan to russia via xiamen offer a new fast logistics solution to the delivery of cargoes from these regions to russia.
as introduced by relevant personnel of china-europe railway express (xiamen), they will customize "door-to-door" whole-process logistics services and solutions to meet customer needs. upon arrival in moscow, the containers will receive timely professional supply chain services, including customs clearance, storage and pickup, and will be delivered to st.petersburg via a dedicated logistics and distribution network to address the difficulty in "last mile" cargo delivery.
based on the policy advantages of xiamen port in the transit of containerized cargoes, china-europe railway express (xiamen) has continuously increased the scale of sea-rail intermodal transport, promoted the in-depth integration of industries on both sides of the taiwan strait and facilitated the interconnection with regions like southeast asia and taiwan. as of may 2022, a total of 1,147 train trips were made by china-europe railway express (xiamen), carrying 47,399 40' containers with a cumulative cargo value of 27.711 billion yuan. among them, 2,026 teus were shipped out via the sea-rail intermodal service, with a cargo value of over 1 billion yuan.
as an important logistics carrier of c&d's lift supply chain services to clients, the c&d special train of china-europe railway express (xiamen-moscow) witnessed the maiden trip on august 25, 2017. it is the first bidirectional and regular dedicated direct railway service between xiamen and moscow. as of may 31, 2022, a total of 359 trips has been made by c&d special train with a cargo value of 6.6 billion yuan, playing an active role in ensuring the stable and smooth operation of global supply chain.