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smooth customs clearance of the first imported potash fertilizers of the agricultural products group of c&d -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-05-24 | source:c&d inc.

on may 23, the first consignment of imported potash fertilizers of c&d ( agricultural products group (hereinafter referred to as c&d apg) was shipped out from perm krai of russia and smoothly arrived at manzhouli port of china after a trip of 5,500km. this is the first order of c&d apg after it was granted the qualification for small-value cross-border import of potash fertilizers and signifies that its agricultural product development plan has worked effectively.
as a traditional big agricultural power, china has an enormous potash fertilizer consumption. cross-border import of potash fertilizers will become an important supplement to china's potash fertilizer resources and play an active role in guaranteeing adequate supply of fertilizers for the spring plowing in china. in response to the governmental calls and in line with the market development trend, c&d apg has fully utilized its advantageous resources and experiences in international trade to deepen the research on client demands along the industrial chain, gradually increase the cross-border import of potash fertilizers, diversify the types of imported potash fertilizers, extend the radius of cross-border potash fertilizer import and establish the multi-regional import network of "manzhouli-erlianhaote-shuifenhe-alashankou", covering the potash fertilizer markets in northeast, north and northwest china.
as the agricultural product supply chain operator under c&d inc., c&d apg has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years and established a mature supply network and operational capability. its business scope covers major agricultural production areas along the "the belt and road" and in north america, south america, europe, the black sea and so on. it is capable of stably obtaining grain sources and thus opens up the procurement and marketing channels for importing potash fertilizers and exporting nitrogen fertilizers in border trade; it has been continuously distributing grain collection and storage business in major domestic grain production areas in northeast, north china, east china, central china and so forth, building an annual grain collection and storage capacity of over 5 million tons, serving a large number of planting enterprises in the production areas and supplying the agricultural products like fertilizers necessary for production.
in the future, c&d apg will continue to integrate global agricultural product elements and resources, drive the development of domestic and international supply chains, provide customized "lift" supply chain services to clients along the industrial chain and thus make its due contribution to guaranteeing domestic production and provision.