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sincere cooperation, hand in hand for progress c&d inc. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with wens foodstuff -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-12-30 | source:c&d inc.

on december 28, c&d inc. ( and wens foodstuff group co., ltd. ( signed a strategic cooperation agreement in xiamen. lin mao, general manager of c&d inc. received sun fen, assistant president of wen's corporation, and her delegation.
lu rongdian, assistant general manager of c&d inc. and general manager of c&d agricultural products group, and sun fen, assistant president of wens group signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.
at the signing ceremony, lin mao, general manager of c&d inc., introduced c&d inc.'s supply chain business layout and "lift" supply chain service system, fully affirmed the cooperation results between the two parties, and said:  "with more than 30 years of deep cultivation in the main business, wens has core competitiveness in business model, industrial layout, research and development and technological strength. we hope that both parties can give full play to their respective advantages and jointly build a strategic ecosystem of supply chain." 
sun fen, assistant president of wens group said: "c&d inc. and wenshave cooperated with each other sincerely over the past years and have established a deep relationship. we hope that both sides can take the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to carry out higher-level, deeper and wider cooperation in raw material supply, market information sharing, logistics resource linkage and supply chain finance." 
afterwards, both sides had a preliminary discussion on the direction of future in-depth cooperation and had an in-depth exchange on the recent market situation. 
in the future, c&d inc. and wens will continue to strengthen mutual visits and exchanges, further enhance the level of cooperation by constantly consolidating and expanding the scale of cooperation, and finally realize the goal of jointly building a supply chain strategic ecosystem. 
enterprise brief introduction 
c&d agricultural products group (c&d agricultural products for short) is a specialized agricultural products group under xiamen c&d inc. c&d agricultural products focuses on oil and grease, feed raw materials, food, agricultural materials, wood and other products for more than 20 years, its operation scope covers north america, south america, europe, the black sea, the belt and road and other major agricultural production areas in the world.    
founded in 1983, wens foodstuff group co., ltd. (referred to as wens) has developed into a trans-regional modern agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise group with livestock and poultry breeding as its main business and supporting related businesses.  as a national key leading enterprise and innovative enterprise in agricultural industrialization, wens has mastered key and core technologies in livestock and poultry breeding, feed nutrition, disease prevention and control, and has a number of advanced breeding technologies at home and abroad.