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the construction of c&d clean energy's first distributed photovoltaic power station has officially begun -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-12-24 | source:c&d inc.

on december 23, 2021, the distributed photovoltaic power station of c&d logistics (shanghai) co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "c&d logistics"), the first domestic distributed photovoltaic power station project invested and constructed by c&d clean energy, held a grand ground-breaking ceremony in shanghai. wang zhibing, deputy general manager of c&d inc. (, fang qi, general manager of c&d (shanghai) co., ltd., zhou jianhui, deputy general manager of c&d logistics group co., ltd., li deyan, head of c&d clean energy and relevant leaders of partners attended the ceremony. 

the project is located in the china (shanghai) pilot free trade zone, which is built on the roof of the company's logistics industrial park. the total area is about 60,000 square meters, and the installable capacity is 6mw.  the project is invested and constructed by c&d clean energy, and all the clean power generated will be supplied to shanghai logistics center of c&d logistics (shanghai) co., ltd. for daily use. at present, the construction of the first phase project capacity of 1mw, is planned to be connected to the grid in march 2022. the project will adopt the grid connection mode of "generating electricity for self-use, and the surplus electricity for internet access", and the design life is 25 years. the project uses 380v low voltage to connect to the 400v power distribution system of the power distribution room. the generated electricity is preferred to be consumed by the enterprise itself, and the excess electricity will be sold to the state grid for income. according to estimates, the project is expected to generate 1.1 million kwh of electricity per year, save 404 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1084 tons per year, and bring safe, green and sustainable clean energy to the logistics center. 
the distributed photovoltaic power station of c&d shanghai logistics center is the first distributed photovoltaic power station investment project of c&d clean energy and the first application project of mw-class distributed photovoltaic power station of c&d inc.  wang zhibing, deputy general manager of c&d inc., said: "in recent years, c&d inc. has actively implemented the national goal of 'dual carbon' development and high-quality green development, and accelerated its layout in the new energy sector. distributed photovoltaic power generation project is the company's new attempt to explore the diversified market, achieved the mw level of new energy projects' zero breakthrough'. 

the landing of the photovoltaic power station project of c&d logistics center, is an excellent case of deepening coordination, integration and innovative development of various business segments within c&d inc., both realized the reasonable use of resources, green and energy saving, and can achieve good economic benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit, effectively enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of c&d logistics industrial park. it is a powerful measure for the industrial park to practice the concept of green environmental protection and adjust the energy consumption structure of the park and also a concrete action for c&d inc. to help achieve 'carbon peak' and 'carbon neutral'." 
li deyan, head of c&d clean energy, said: "as the project investor, we will strive to complete the project as soon as possible with a rigorous attitude and first-class quality, and continue to actively develop high-quality distributed photovoltaic power stations in china, to improve the energy demand of local enterprises and promote economic development. c&d clean energy will continue to deeply plough in the field of investment and development of distributed power stations, focus on the development of industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaic power generation system, make unremitting efforts to create a green living environment, and make contributions to the national goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality." 

the development of distributed photovoltaic power generation is of great significance to optimize the energy structure, achieve the "dual carbon target", promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieve sustainable economic development.  the report "china 2050 pv development outlook (2019)" released by the national development and reform commission (ndrc) predicts that china's pv installed scale will become the first of all power types in 2030, and pv generation will become the first of all power types in 2035. at the same time, in order to integrate resources and realize intensive development, the national energy administration issued the notice on submitting the pilot scheme of rooftop distributed photovoltaic development for the whole county (city, district) in june 2021, vigorously promoting the construction and development of distributed photovoltaic projects. with the implementation of china's photovoltaic power station construction plan, the number of distributed photovoltaic power stations and installed capacity in the future in the central and eastern regions will further increase, and the proportion of distributed photovoltaic power generation installed capacity and total installed capacity will also gradually increase, and gradually become an important part of china's photovoltaic power generation industry.
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c&d clean energy is a clean energy solution provider under c&d inc. ( the company is committed to providing more value to customers in the clean energy industry through high-quality clean energy product supply, investment and operation of solar photovoltaic projects, integration and optimization of supply chain and industrial chain, value-added operation and other services.