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the "first container" of c&d agricultural products group's export to rcep member countries was officially launched -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-01-07 | source:c&d inc.

on january 3, agricultural products group of c&d inc. ( (hereinafter referred to as: c&d agricultural products group) exported the "first container" of deqing citrus gonggan to the rcep member country vietnam, which was also the first container of deqing citrus gonggan export to vietnam after rcep came into effect. the launching ceremony was held in deqing, guangdong province. this marks the beginning of a new journey for c&d agricultural products group to lead outstanding domestic agricultural products to the global market and help deqing citrus gonggan enter the agricultural products market of rcep member countries with higher quality and louder brand. local government leaders, customs representatives, c&d agricultural business representatives and other people witnessed this historic moment. 

the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (rcep) is the asia-pacific region's largest and most important free trade agreement negotiations, formally went into effect on january 1, 2022, in the future will cover nearly half the world's population and nearly a third of the trade, and become the world's most dynamic free trade area with the largest population, the most diverse membership.
in recent years, under the guidance of guangdong provincial department of agriculture and rural affairs, zhaoqing has taken the lead in brand building, cross-border e-commerce logistics and other aspects with rcep citrus international procurement transaction (guangdong deqing) center as the starting point. on december 14th, 2021, c&d agricultural products signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the center at the launching ceremony of ten rcep action plans in the agricultural field of guangdong province. in the future, c&d will promote the global appeal of deqing citrus gonggan, contribute to guangdong's better and faster integration into rcep, and jointly help deqing citrus gonggan to go to sea.
by riding the "east wind" of rcep, c&d agricultural products will actively seek market opportunities, give full play to its core advantages, and help more high-quality agricultural products to go global. according to requirement to speed up the internationalization in c&d inc.’s new five-year development strategy planning layout, c&d agricultural products will fully study the needs of rcep member countries, give full play to the company's professional advantages in international trade, link with high-quality agricultural resources around the world, continuously explore the international market, and actively promote the liberalization and facilitation of agricultural trade, so as to contribute to the benefit of people around the world and enable more people to live a better life. 
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c&d agricultural products group is a specialized agricultural products group under c&d inc., focusing on fats, oils, feed raw materials, food, agricultural materials, wood and other products for more than 20 years. its operation scope covers north america, south america, europe, the black sea, the belt and road and other major agricultural production areas in the world.