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date: 2021-12-08 | source:c&d inc.
on december 8th, "the 2nd china supply chain management annual conference" and "2021 national supply chain management excellent achievements exhibition" were held in xiamen international convention and exhibition center. as one of the first demonstration enterprises of supply chain innovation and application in china, c&d inc. ( participated in the conference with many innovative cases, including pulp and paper industry internet platform, supply chain operation wisdom compass, renewable steel resource service, financial service platform of bonded zone, cross-border steel supply chain solutions, etc. it showed the company's advantages in global supply chain, green supply chain and other fields, as well as its exploration experience and practical results in supply chain technology and financial empowerment. 
"the 2nd china supply chain management annual conference" and "2021 national supply chain management excellent achievements exhibition" were co-sponsored by china federation of logistics and purchasing and xiamen municipal government, focused on domestic outstanding enterprise in the field of supply chain management, advanced experience and typical practice of leading enterprises, aims to promote the exchange of industry, promote the optimization and innovation of supply chain management, and boost china's supply chain management into the international advanced level
wang zhibing, the party committee member and deputy general manager of c&d inc., made a keynote speech entitled "supply chain innovation and application practice sharing" at the main forum of this annual meeting, andintroduced in detail the practical results and experience of the company in recent years, focusing on customer demand, continuously promoting supply chain service innovation, exploring the supply chain development path of reducing cost, improving quality and increasing efficiency, and creating value-added benefits for the upstream and downstream customers of the industrial chain through "lift" supply chain services.
integration of resources, enabling supply chain innovation and application
in the process of accelerating the construction of a new development pattern in which the major domestic cycle is the main body and the double domestic and international cycles promote each other, the innovation and application of supply chain has risen to the height of national strategy. in the 14th five-year plan, the modernization of the industrial chain and supply chain is clearly required. 
c&d inc. ( is committed to becoming a leading international supply chain operator. on july 12th, 2021 the ministry of commerce and other 8 units formally announced the first batch of national innovation and application demonstration cities and demonstration enterprises of supply chain list. with its advanced supply chain operation management concept and excellent supply chain management and coordination level, c&d inc. stood out from 266 pilot enterprises and was successfully selected as one of the first 94 demonstration enterprises in china.
in terms of global supply chain layout and operating, c&d inc. continues to deepen the strategy of "going out", positive global supply chain layout, resources, vigorously develop the global supply chain elements integration in all countries, europe, south america and other places of agricultural products, mineral resources, promote the global supply chain operation management ability, and through the central trains and overseas warehouse construction, to create an efficient and safe logistics hub and channel. 
in terms of technology empowerment of supply chain, c&d inc. accelerates the research and application of cutting-edge technologies such as internet, blockchain and artificial intelligence, builds industry internet platform "papersource", "pulpeasy",electronic signing platform "e-cndsign",online shopping platform “e general merchandise” and supply chain big data intelligent risk control system etc., breaks the barrier between upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain information, optimizes supply chain process continuously for customers, enhances the level of industry supply chain collaboration. 
in terms of financial innovation of supply chain, c&d inc. and zhangjiagang free trade zone jointly create digital supply chain innovation projects in the free trade zone and set up a supply chain operation joint venture. by “building industrial internet platform going deep into industry chain operation introducing cooperation bank" model,  relying on the agglomeration advantages of bulk commodity goods and customers in zhangjiagang free trade zone, as well as the company's strong operation ability and powerful spot disposal capacity of bulk commodities, with industrial capital support of cooperative bank, innovatively put forward the industrial supply chain finance model to empower many small, medium and micro enterprises in the industrial chain that are difficult to enjoy inclusive finance. 
under the background of the national policy of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral", c&d inc. actively carries out layout of the new energy field and continuously promotes the construction and development of "green supply chain" in various industries. in the steel industry, c&d inc. builds a renewable steel resource processing base to help upstream steel mills effectively reduce carbon emissions. in addition, it has established strategic cooperative relations with clenergy technology, schneider electric and other companies to carry out cooperation in the fields of photovoltaic power station investment and operation, smart energy, energy storage, green intelligent manufacturing and green supply chain. 
in the future, c&d inc. will actively promote supply chain coordination, standardization, digital, greening and globalization development, strengthen the innovation of the supply chain, and the coordinated development of industry peers, upstream and downstream partners, jointly build safe, stable and sustainable development of the ecosystem of the supply chain, put into practice the demonstration role of supply chain innovation and application demonstration enterprise and contribute to accelerating the building of a new development pattern featuring "dual circulation".