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c&d inc. won the "digital operation model case award" of 2021 china digital annual conference -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-12-20 | source:c&d inc.

recently, the 2021 china digital annual conference was held in chengdu. in the "2021 china digital transformation and innovation award ceremony" held at the same time, xiamen c&d inc. ( won the "digital operation model case award" by virtue of the "digital operation solution of food supply chain -- e general merchandise platform".

with the theme of "discussing digital co-creating acceleration", this year's china digitization annual conference gathers leading institutions in the field of digital science and technology, exchanging ideas on how digital infrastructure can accelerate industrial upgrading, and how to enable enterprises to innovate and develop through digital technology application. the selection of china digital transformation and innovation held at the same time is one of the most influential selection activities in the field of digitalization in china.
the digital operation case of "c&d egm (e general merchandise)" is an online purchase and sales service platform of consumer goods supply chain launched by c&d inc. the platform integrates many functions such as commodity display, order purchase, order processing, logistics tracking, inventory query, billing management, etc., and provides digital full-process transaction solutions for the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to meet the business needs of different transaction scenarios. with the help of "c&d egm ", c&d food supply chain has realized the further expansion of online and offline channels and consumption scenes, coordinated and integrated resources of all parties in the supply chain, and created a short-chain, digital and closed trading service operation system.
c&d inc. clearly put forward "technology empowerment" goal in the new five-year development plan to strengthen the research and application of all kinds of digital technology, continues to strengthen the opening of the digital platform of core business, and has successively upgraded and launched digital service platforms of industrial chain such as "papersource platform", "pulpeasy platform", "esteellink" and "egm" to improve the online and visualization level of the whole industrial supply chain and create value added for upstream and downstream customers in all industries. the exhibition and award of "egm" further confirmed the necessity and foresight of strategic layout of digital enabling consumer goods industry.
in the future, the consumer goods industry will also usher in new opportunities under the new development pattern of double circulation. c&d inc. will continue to optimize the system and enhance the professional supply chain service capacity of products, help the brand in the upstream, empower the terminal in the downstream, become a powerful service system behind the whole consumer goods industry, and assist customers to further realize the sustainable and high-quality ecological construction of the consumer goods industry chain.