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the wine supply chain operation service project of c&d logistics group is selected in the national list -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-11-11 | source:c&d inc.

the 2021 global trade and international logistics summit forum of the 4th china international import expo was held in shanghai national convention and exhibition center on november 8. the list of "2021 logistics and supply chain (china) solutions top 50" was released at the forum, and the wine supply chain operation service project tailored for torre oria by c&d logistics group co., ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc. (, successfully entered the list.  

supported by the ministry of transport, prc and hosted by china communications and transport association, the forum is an important part of the transport sector of the ciie. the theme of this year's forum is "changes in global supply chain and logistics opportunities in china". the forum focuses on the exchange of results and experience sharing of international logistics and supply chain solutions in china, enhancing the international influence and voice of chinese logistics enterprises, especially outstanding representatives in the field of international logistics and supply chain, and promoting the application of chinese solutions in the field of global logistics and supply chain. 

the wine supply chain operation service project selected in the 2021 logistics and supply chain (china) solution top 50 list is one of the representatives of many supply chain operation service projects of c&d logistics group.  

since 2014, c&d logistics group has been providing in-depth customized "lift” supply chain service for torre oria, continuously optimizing the supply chain for torre oria, and helping torre oria to realize the leapfrog growth of annual wine import from 100,000 bottles to 20 million bottles.  at the same time, c&d logistics group focuses on product innovation, integrates marketing and channel resources, and launches an innovative business model of "supply chain integration joint marketing", which helps torre oria to distribute high-quality products to more than 3,000 counties and cities across the country.  

related news  

on the afternoon of november 8, c&d logistics group, torre oria and citic guoan wine signed a strategic cooperation agreement.  according to the agreement, the three parties will complement each other's advantages and integrate each other to jointly create an industrial ecosystem, implement all-round cooperation of the whole wine industry chain, devote themselves to cultivating the popularity of xinjiang wine with the spirit of serving the country by industry, and help xinjiang rural revitalization and fruit farmers to become rich.