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c&d inc. has reached strategic cooperation with tencent to promote the intelligent upgrading of industrial supply chain -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-11-12 | source:c&d inc.

xiamen c&d inc. ( and shenzhen tencent computer system co., ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on nov. 12 to jointly build an industrial internet, a smart supply chain platform and a dynamic industrial database.  

at the signing ceremony, zheng yongda, party secretary and chairman of c&d inc., said: "the construction of industrial internet is an important strategic goal of c&d inc. c&d inc. will cooperate with tencent team to promote the comprehensive upgrading of digital construction by combining tencent's strong scientific and technological strength and rich industry experience. the two sides will also jointly build an internet platform for the pulp and paper industry to provide comprehensive and high-quality supply chain services for upstream and downstream enterprises in the pulp and paper industry and create an ecosystem for the pulp and paper industry."  

"tencent is actively engaged in the construction of the digital economy and supports the development of brick-and-mortar enterprises," said tang daosheng, senior executive vice president of tencent and president of cloud and smart industry business group. the cooperation with c&d inc. is an important step for tencent to integrate cutting-edge digital technology with the industry. in the future, tencent will continue to provide easy-to-use tools for industrial upgrading, promote the integration of data and reality, and inject new momentum into the development of real enterprises."  

after the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, tencent will upgrade and transform the "papersource platform" and "pulpeasy platform" of c&d inc., and combine the advantages of c&d inc. in pulp and paper industry, supply chain platform and other aspects to jointly create digital joint solutions for the internet platform of pulp and paper industry. at the same time, based on the ability of tencent enterprise pilot platform to build an industrial ecosystem for vertical industries, the two parties jointly build a digital ecosystem of pulp and paper industry with service as the core.  

the two parties will jointly establish an industry dynamic database. with tencent's digital technology and operation capability, combined with c&d's supply chain operation and service capability that has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years, the change rules and change cycles of industrial segments will be accurately analyzed, and business layout will be carried out in a targeted manner to enhance the industrial competitiveness of both parties. in addition, the two sides will also deepen cooperation in training and talent exchange to jointly cultivate comprehensive and expert talents who have a deep understanding of the commodity supply chain industry and master cutting-edge technologies of the times.  

with the construction and implementation of the pulp and paper industry internet platform, c&d inc. will deepen its cooperation with tencent in the future, apply digital industry chain and innovative supply chain system to other industries, further study of the pain points of relevant industries upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain operation link, take the customer demand as the guidance, to build an industrial intelligent supply chain platform. in this way, the supply chain operation service of c&d inc. can better understand the industry, the market and the customers. by building a new ecosystem of industrial interconnection, c&d inc. can help the upstream and downstream enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, promote the transformation and development of the real economy, promote the intelligent upgrading of the industrial supply chain, and achieve a virtuous cycle and healthy development of the industry ecology.  

brief introduction of cooperative enterprises:  

founded in november 1998, tencent is a world-leading internet technology company that uses innovative products and services to improve the quality of life of people around the world. with a sound independent research and development system, tencent ranks the top among internet companies in the world in terms of total patent application and authorization. relying on tencent's more than 20 years of technical tempering and service experience in serving billions of massive users, tencent industrial internet is based on cloud,combine audio and video, big data, ai, internet of things, security and other leading technical capabilities with enterprise wechat, tencent conference, tencent enterprise point, tencent documents and other enterprise service applications, tencent has created professional solutions according to the characteristics of different industries, stimulated new efficiency of the real industry, started a new engine of the digital economy, and helped all industries realize digital upgrading.