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assist carbon neutrality! c&d inc. and clenergy set up a joint venture -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-11-10 | source:c&d inc.

on november 8, xiamen c&d inc. ( and clenergy (xiamen) technology co., ltd. ( held a cooperation signing ceremony. the two sides will set up a joint venture, mainly engaged in the investment and operation of photovoltaic power stations, covering the area mainly in fujian province, radiating neighboring provinces. under the joint venture agreement, c&d inc. will hold 80 percent and clenergy 20 percent. zheng yongda, secretary of the cpc committee and chairman of xiamen c&d inc.,   hong wei, chairman of clenergy technology co., ltd., and relevant leaders of both parties jointly attended the signing ceremony.  

distributed photovoltaic prosperity is boomingly increased, the joint venture company has a promising future

under the background of "peak carbon dioxide emissions" and "carbon neutral", clean energy transition and green recovery have become a trend. the global photovoltaic market is growing rapidly. it is estimated that during the "14th five-year plan", the global new photovoltaic installed capacity will be about 163-266gw annually. at present, the development focus of photovoltaic power station in china is gradually shifting from the traditional centralized photovoltaic power station to distributed photovoltaic power station, which is integrated with the construction, transportation and other fields and superimposed on the application scale of household. it is expected that the proportion of distributed photovoltaic power station will continue to increase and become the mainstream of future development.  

after pv entered the era of parity, central and state-owned enterprises accelerated into the bureau, the new pattern of distributed pv investors is forming, and the market is growing in volume and becoming increasingly mature. as the main battlefield for the joint venture's early development, by the end of 2020, the proportion of pv in the power generation structure in fujian province was only 0.1%, far lower than the proportion of pv in the whole country (3.51%). with the decrease of the overall construction cost of photovoltaic power stations and the promotion of household photovoltaic policies in the whole county, photovoltaic power generation in fujian province has a great space for improvement in the future.  

integrate upstream and downstream industrial chain resources and complement each other's advantages

as china's leading supply chain operating service provider with global layout, with the mature "lift" supply chain service system and the brand effect of c&d, c&d inc. has made every effort to open up the upstream and downstream nodes of the clean energy supply chain business. it has established cooperative relations with a number of leading companies in the photovoltaic industry, solved the industry pain points, optimized the distribution efficiency, and enabled the rapid and healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.  

clenergy technology is mainly engaged in photovoltaic scaffold production and photovoltaic power station investment. it has been in the photovoltaic scaffold industry for more than 14 years and has two photovoltaic scaffold production bases in xiamen and tianjin with an annual capacity of over 3gw.  the core business is to provide customers with intelligent photovoltaic digital energy management solutions, as well as intelligent photovoltaic tracking solutions for household, industrial and commercial, ground and ai.  

the joint venture company will take the investment and operation of distributed photovoltaic power stations as its main business, take fujian province as the pioneer and base camp, and gradually expand the business outside fujian province, strive to participate in carbon emission trading in the future, and further improve profitability.  

after the establishment of the joint venture company, li deyan, general manager of c&d (nanjing) co., ltd., a subsidiary of c&d inc., will serve as general manager of the joint venture company and participate in the management and operation of the joint venture company.  c&d (nanjing) co., ltd. is the clean energy supply chain operation service provider under c&d inc. it focuses on the clean energy industry represented by solar energy, and its main business fields include international product marketing, project development and investment, clean energy supply chain and industry chain operation.