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c&d paper & pulp and sinar mas group app discuss the future development of paper industry at ciie -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-11-09 | source:c&d inc.

on the first day of the 4th china international import expo, zheng yongda, secretary of the party committee and chairman of xiamen c&d inc., and cheng dongfang, general manager of xiamen c&d paper & pulp co.,ltd. were invited to visit the booth of sinar mas group app and have in-depth communication. both sides took this opportunity to discuss the green future of paper industry and win-win development opportunities. zhai jingli, vice president of sinar mas group app (china) and other leaders warmly received chairman zheng yongda and his delegation.  

vice president zhai jingli introduced to chairman zheng yongda many environment-friendly products of sinar mas group app, and introduced the group's "green gene" and carbon neutral development strategy.  zheng yongda, chairman of the board, said that c&d paper & pulp co. and sinar mas group app have a high degree of consensus on adhering to the green and sustainable development strategy, sinar mas group app is an important strategic partner of c&d paper & pulp co. the two sides have extensive cooperation in the field of forest pulp and paper. this year, the total volume of pulp and paper trade has reached a new record high. c&d inc. is willing to work with sinar mas group app to strengthen dialogue, exchanges and cooperation in accordance with the principle of mutual respect and mutual benefit, so as to continuously achieve new achievements in the strategic partnership between the two sides.  

after visiting the booth, chairman zheng yongda and vice president zhai jingli had an in-depth discussion on the current operation situation and future development trend of the domestic pulp and paper industry.  based on the existing cooperation projects, the two sides focused on promoting the implementation of pulp and paper upstream and downstream, supply chain finance, pulp and paper import and export business and reached consensus. the two sides also discussed topics such as further expanding cooperation space in the international market, strengthening strategic development under the "dual cycle" and "dual carbon" goals, and opportunities and responsibilities in the development process of enterprises. both sides expressed their hope to better leverage their respective advantages in the future, work together with the whole upstream and downstream industries to jointly build a comprehensive green supply chain of sustainable development, and strengthen cooperation to achieve win-win results.  

sinar mas group was founded in 1938 by mr. huang yicong, a well-known indonesian chinese. it has seven major industries including pulp and paper, finance, agriculture and food processing, real estate, energy and infrastructure, mobile communications and health care. app(asia pulp & paper co.,ltd.), the pulp and paper group, as the leading industry of sinar mas group, has developed into the world's no. 1 paper group after decades of unremitting efforts. it owns dozens of pulp and paper companies and more than 1 million hectares of fast-growing forests distributed in indonesia, china and other places, and its products and business are all over the world. covering forest, pulp, industrial paper, cultural paper, household paper and all kinds of paper products.