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"minning · boya wine culture run" ended perfectly -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2020-08-26 | source:c&d inc.

on august 22nd, the "minning·boya wine culture run", co-sponsored by yongning county people's government of yinchuan city and xiamen c&d corp., started the race in the front plaza of minning convention center hotel. more than a thousand runners gathered under the beautiful helan mountain to enjoy the double pleasure of sports and wine. 

boya wine is the first industrial poverty alleviation project of c&d group in minning. through the model of "wine village at the eastern foot of helan mountain c&d wine supply chain boya brand wine", to create new targeted poverty alleviation by business empowerment in the context of the new economy. relying on the professional operation team and efficient "lift supply-chain services", c&d international wines& spirits group co., ltd. has introduced boya wine from the east helan mountain area outside ningxia province, so that consumers in more provinces and cities in china can see and taste it, recognize it and create consumption adhesion.

boosting the development of the wine industry at the east helan mountain area and even the rise of chinese wine is like a marathon, which requires constant persistence and investment over a long period of time. in the future, c&d wines will continue to steadily promote the brand and channel construction, break through the market sales link, bring the wine at the east helan mountain area to the dining table of more consumers, and add one more impetus to this long process.