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c&d zhongcheng volvo assists vip reception work of cifit in xiamen -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2020-09-07 | source:c&d inc.

xiamen cifit 2020 will be held on september 8 solstice 11. the designated vehicle for vip reception of this meeting is provided by xiamen c&d zhongcheng volvo. recently, xiamen c&d zhongcheng volvo officially delivered 60 volvo luxury cars including s90, s60, xc90 and xc60 to the organizing committee of xiamen cifit, providing safe and high-end travel services for vip guests of xiamen cifit.

as china's most influential international investment promotion event, with the theme of "revitalizing investment confidence and promoting win-win cooperation", xiamen cifit 2020 will continue to make intensive efforts in the direction of "internationalization, specialization and branding", and try its best to build three platforms of two-way investment promotion, authoritative information release and investment trend research. based on the construction of core area of fujian silk road on the sea, xiamen cifit 2020 will integrate into the "one belt and one road" initiative, focus on the service of "stabilizing foreign investment, stabilizing foreign trade" work.

global luxury brand volvo cars has built its world-renowned brand by virtue of its core values of "quality, safety and environmental protection".  as volvo's distributor in xiamen, xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd. has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years, continuously accumulating market operation experience of luxury and super luxury brands, and building a brand image deeply rooted in people's hearts with the service concept of "treat cars professionally and treat people sincerely".

the mutually compatible brand core of volvo and c&d auto is highly compatible with the promotion of economic and trade cooperation and globalization cooperation advocated by xiamen cifit. after the completion of this delivery, the volvo vehicles provided by xiamen c&d zhongcheng volvo will serve the china international fair for investment and trade in xiamen, providing a strong guarantee for the smooth holding of xiamen cifit 2020.