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c&d automobile has won the hongqi brand authorization -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2020-08-21 | source:c&d automobile

recently, xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc., has obtained heavyweight brand distribution authorization again. shantou zhongchi hongqi experience center, the first "hongqi" authorized store of c&d automobile, will be officially opened on august 23rd, 2020. the experience center is designed and constructed according to the latest standards of faw hongqi, which will bring customers a full range of quality services.

hongqi is the representative of china's national automobile brand, bearing the dream of several generations of chinese auto people, it also shows the spirit and technology of china's auto industry. in the brand-new hongqi brand strategy released in recent years, hongqi brand concept is defined as chinese style new noble refinement. the new hongqi highlights the concept of "new nobility", "new delicacy" and "new feelings", and deeply integrates the excellent traditional chinese culture with the world's advanced culture, modern fashion design, cutting-edge science and technology, and fine emotional experience, creating excellent products and services that reflect the new noble delicacy of chinese style.

in july this year, general secretary xi jinping visited the research and development headquarters of faw group, and expressed ardent expectations for the development of national automobile brands. the general secretary instructed: "the international automobile manufacturing industry is highly competitive, and the trend of informationization and intelligentization is constantly developing. for us, there is opportunity as well as risk, and there is opportunity in risk. we must take the key and core technologies into our own hands, and we have this ambition to build up the national automobile brand." under the guidance of the new brand strategy, the new hongqi is showing a new high-end brand image, reflecting the high quality made in china. 

as a high-end automobile brand service provider in the in-depth industry for nearly two decades, c&d auto actively grasps the development opportunity of its own brand in the automobile industry, and achieves brand cooperation with hongqi in the context of promoting internal circular economy. with its own perfect service network, professional management team and enterprising spirit, to provide consumers with high quality car life.

after obtaining the authorization of the hongqi brand dealer, the brand matrix operated by c&d auto is further expanded. in the future, c&d auto will continue to tread the waves with all brands and seek common development. adhering to the service concept of "treat cars professionally and treat people sincerely", c&d auto will satisfy consumers' pursuit of "beautiful life and wonderful travel" in the new era.