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c&d inc.'s lift service brand wins two awards at the transform awards 2019 -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-11-29 | source:c&d inc.

the transform awards, known as the "oscar academy awards" of global brand building, were unveiled on november 27. with the brand image design project of "lift supply chain services", c&d inc. has been awarded the gold award of "best visual identity from the professional services sector" and "best development of a new brand within an existing brand portfolio ".

the transform awards, founded by transform magazine, recognize the most innovative and strategic companies and organizations working on brand development around the world.


this award is another important achievement of c&d inc. in the field of brand building, following the 2018 “best brand building case”of chinese brand golden elephant award for "lift supply chain services".



build the brand of "lift supply chain service" and stimulate infinite possibilities of "value-added supply chain"

the brand vision system of "lift supply chain services" was designed by the world's top brand strategy design consulting firm siegel gale. the core purpose of lift brand image design is to present abstract supply chain service products through visual image design, so as to convey to customers the value concept of "integrating resources and creating value-added" of c&d inc.


the essence of lift is to start from four basic services of the supply chain, to n kinds of customized solutions, and to extend to all industries to give full play to the role and value of the supply chain. in order to make the brand identity and visual application with extensibility and unique appeal, the design follows the visual dna system of "rubik's cube cube", and continues the concept of continuous combination, reconstruction and creation of particles in the rubik's cube. through this visual language, the whole process of "from integration to customization and from customization to value-added" of lift is embodied in a concrete way, and its "4-n" personalized and diversified service concept is conveyed vividly, so that the audience can clearly understand the core value of "supply chain value-added" of lift. 


at the same time, the expression of a variety of colors subtly implies the attributes of lift serving n industries, while the dynamic and changing vi image depicts the brand personality of c&d inc.: unwilling to be mediocre, exploring and innovating.

the design and release of lift supply chain services main logo and vi system creates the brand image of c&d inc. as a young and dynamic new service brand in the market, makes the service brand of c&d inc. from the abstract concept to the vivid visual expression, makes the brand strategy of c&d inc. have a visual carrier from theory to implementation, and also makes the brand image of c&d inc. stand at a high starting point, which is of great significance for c&d inc. to promote the innovative development strategy and enhance the connotation of corporate mission.

the brand concept of lift services will also become the driving force for c&d inc. to continuously improve service quality and continuously innovate service products.