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define luxury & set out with dream! xiamen c&d zhongcheng volvo opens grandly -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-11-28 | source:c&d automobile

on november 26, 2019, the first authorized volvo store of xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd., xiamen c&d zhongcheng volvo opened. mr. qin peiji, president of volvo greater china sales co., mr. xiao qiang, regional director of volvo greater china sales co., mr. xia yanggang, network development department of volvo greater china sales co., mr. chang zhibiao, president of xiamen automobile circulation association, mr. chen dongxu, chairman of xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd., mr. huang weiping, general manager of xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd., mr. cai xueyi, vice general manager of xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd., ms. xi qionghui, general manager of xiamen c&d zhongcheng volvo witnessed this important moment together with customers and media guests.


with 92 years of accumulation and classic heritage, volvo has built a world-renowned brand with its core values of "quality, safety and environmental protection". with fujian province as the core and radiating to the whole country, c&d auto has been deeply engaged in the auto industry for many years, continuously practicing the market operation experience of luxury and super luxury brands, and shaping the brand image deeply rooted in people's hearts with the service concept of "treat car professionally, treat people sincerely" .the inner core of the brand that agrees with each other, let volvo and c&d auto get together on egret island.


xiamen c&d zhongcheng volvo is located in c&d automobile jimei park, adjacent to the xiamen municipal vehicle administration office, with convenient transportation, covering an area of 6000 square meters. in terms of hardware, the store strictly follows the latest vre design scheme of volvo, with complete hardware facilities and first-class after-sales service equipment. the sales and service teams have passed the strict training and certification examination of volvo, and have comprehensive product business knowledge and senior sales and service experience.


in the future, xiamen c&d zhongcheng volvo will provide a full range of high-quality service and personalized, sustainable and safe travel plan for the car owners and fans in xiamen and surrounding areas, fully demonstrating the ultimate brand culture of "nordic luxury" of volvo.