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c&d inc. once again ranks in china's top 100 listed companies -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-12-11 | source:c&d inc.

from december 6 to 7, 2019, the 19th china's top 100 listed companies summit forum and the 5th china's top 100 cities comprehensive development forum, hosted by the organizing committee of china's top 100 listed companies summit forum and warton economic institute, was held in shanghai. the forum also honored china's top 100 enterprises and outstanding entrepreneurs in 2019. c&d inc. (600153) was listed in the "china's top 100 listed companies".


the list, based on total profits, ranks the top 500 chinese companies listed on the shanghai and shenzhen stock exchanges. with a total profit of 10.493 billion yuan in 2018, c&d inc. ranked 66th, 17 places higher than last year, and has been listed for many years.



c&d inc. is a modern service enterprise mainly engaged in supply chain operations and real estate development. it has been developing steadily since its listing in 1998.


the supply chain operations business of c&d inc. is committed to the value-added of supply chain, and has innovatively refined the "lift supply chain service" system, in pursuit of resource sharing and win-win cooperation. focusing on the three core jobs "integrating resources", "planning solutions" and "operating services", c&d inc. delivers “4→n” personalized customization service for customers, explores potential value-added opportunities in the operation of the supply chain and creates value-added benefits.


the real estate development business of c&d inc. has always been adhering to the concept of "quality first", constantly upgrading products and services, shaping a full range of beautiful life scene for customers with high-quality products and property services. the company's two subsidiaries, "c&d realty" and "lianfa realty", ranked the 39th and 46th respectively in the "china's top 50 real estate development enterprises of 2019", and have been listed in the ""china's top 10 real estate developers for comprehensive development" for several consecutive years.