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the first aston martin of c&d auto opens in xiamen -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-11-25 | source:c&d automobile

on november 24, 2019, the first authorized aston martin store of xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd. "aston martin xiamen" was officially opened. mr. michael kerr, vice president and chief human resources officer of aston martin global, mr. peng mingshan, president of aston martin china, mr. wen zhixin, director of product and strategic planning of aston martin china, mr. chang zhibiao, president of xiamen automobile circulation association, mr. chen dongxu, chairman of xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd., mr. huang weiping, general manager of xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd., mr. zhengting, chairman of xiamen tinghu automobile sales co., ltd., mr. huhu, ceo and investor representative of fujian tinghu investment co., ltd., ms. chi meixianzi, general manager of aston martin xiamen witnessed this important moment together with customers and media guests.


aston martin xiamen is jointly invested by xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd. and xiamen tinghu automobile sales co., ltd., and is the only authorized dealer of aston martin in fujian province. c&d auto fully recognizes the concept and strategy of aston martin. relying on the brand advantages and strong strength of c&d group, it will carry out new cooperation with aston martin in kunming in the future.


the new exhibition hall of aston martin xiamen is in strict accordance with the brand's global unified standards. it owns modern exhibition hall, after-sales service center, senior marketing and service team. customers and fans can enjoy aston martin's rich model products, elegant and noble service and experience aston martin's unique british brand culture here.


as the economic leader of fujian province, xiamen, with its unique geographical advantages, has gradually developed into a modern international port and scenic tourist city with world cultural heritage and a number of national 5a-level tourist attractions. it has become a platform for economic exchanges between the two sides of the taiwan straits, radiating its influence over the whole straits western side and even the taiwan strait. xiamen's urban positioning is in line with aston martin's brand proposition "aestheticism". adhering to the service concept of "treat car professionally, treat people sincerely" of c&d auto, the brand new aston martin xiamen will bring more high-quality experience to fujian customers, pass on the concept of beauty and create the ultimate future!