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c&d china railway express has joined hands with xiamen-pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-07-01 | source:c&d inc.

on june 27, a 40-foot container arrived in xiamen from taichung on the cosco star passenger/cargo roller. the container was transferred to c&d china-russia (xiamen-moscow) special train and set off for moscow on june 30, becoming the first "passenger" of "taiwan-xiamen-russia" sea-rail combined transportation. this is the first time that c&d china railway express cooperated with xiamen-taiwan passenger and cargo roll-off route to ship taiwan cargo to russia, opening up a new sea-rail combined transportation logistics channel.


previously, containers from taiwan to moscow had to drift at sea for a month to st. petersburg and then travelled 800km by rail to their destination in up to 50 days. however, the container through "taiwan-xiamen-russia" sea-rail transportation will arrive in moscow at least half a month faster than the traditional sea transportation, saving nearly a third of the time, and playing a key role in timely sales of taiwan products, occupying market share and speeding up enterprise capital flow. this trial operation is the first attempt of taiwan merchants to "taiwan-xiamen-russia" sea-rail combined transport logistics mode, and taiwan enterprises are enjoying the dividends brought by the "one belt and one road" initiative.


behind the efficient operation of "taiwan-xiamen-russia" sea-rail combined transport is the tacit cooperation of ships, ports and trains. mr. lin weidong, the deputy general manager of xiamen c&d bonded logistics co., ltd. said: in the whole process, the operation efficiency between xiamen customs, xiamen port, xiamen international cruise home port, fujian-taiwan ferry and he’ping passenger transport company is extremely high. xiamen cruise port customs, railway and other departments provide front-line services, give full play to the "single window" and other convenient mode to maximize efficiency. it was only through the active cooperation that "sea silk" and "land silk" could be seamlessly connected in xiamen. mr. lin weidong said that this is a cross-regional, cross-sectoral and cross-industry in-depth cooperation.


it is reported that since the c&d china-russia (xiamen-moscow) special train opened on august 25, 2017, 129 trains have delivered 4,987 40-foot containers and 34 20-foot containers, with a total value of 1.959 billion yuan. in the case of sea-rail international transport, 54 40-foot containers have been transported in 2019, with a total export value of 50.33 million yuan.

in the future, c&d china-russia (xiamen-moscow) special train will work with xiamen port group to strengthen business cooperation with cosco star, enhance promotion efforts in taiwan and help build a new international logistics channel for xiamen.