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c&d auto holds a grand opening for liuzhou porsche center -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-07-02 | source:c&d auto

on june 28, 2019, the first authorized porsche dealer in liuzhou -- c&d liuzhou porsche center was grandly opened. porsche china's chief operating officer mr. shaw, porsche china southern regional director mr. zhu changqi, chairman of xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd. mr. chen dongxu, general manager of xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd. mr. huang weiping, general manager of liuzhou porsche center mr. chen zhifeng witnessed this important moment together with the customers and media guests.


liuzhou porsche center is the second authorized porsche center of c&d auto in guangxi and the ninth porsche center of c&d auto. in 2004, c&d auto officially became the authorized brand dealer of porsche. over the past 15 years, c&d auto has become one of the most important partners of porsche in china, and set up porsche centers and urban service centers in xiamen, kunming, fuzhou, nanning, shenyang, xi 'an and liuzhou. so far, it has sold nearly 38,000 porsche cars, providing high-quality after-sales service to over 45,000 porsche owners.


located at no. 228, donghuan avenue, liuzhou, the porsche center covers an area of 457 square meters and is built in strict accordance with the unified professional standards of porsche worldwide. the spacious modern exhibition hall can perfectly display the latest porsche models, and at the same time, it is equipped with powerful vehicle customization area to create exclusive and personalized porsche sports cars for customers. in addition, the dynamic display screen in the center plays information about porsche models, company history and brand, enabling customers to have a deep understanding of porsche culture and understand the spiritual connotation behind the brand.


liuzhou is the largest industrial base in guangxi province, with the total industrial output accounting for about 1/5 of guangxi. it is known as "commercial port in central guangxi" and is the railway hub and regional comprehensive transportation hub connecting southwest, central and south china, east and south china. liuzhou's rapid economic development not only makes the city full of vitality, but also injects continuous vitality into the local and surrounding luxury car market. adhering to the service concept of "being professional to car, being sincere to customer" of c&d auto, liuzhou porsche center will bring more professional, more comprehensive and more convenient high-quality service for porsche enthusiasts.