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c&d information participates in the second china international artificial intelligence retail industry expo -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-05-31 | source:c&d inc.

from may 30 to june 1, 2019, the second china international artificial intelligence retail industry expo was held in xiamen international convention and exhibition center. xiamen c&d information technology co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "c&d information") has taken the stage at the expo, showcasing the subversion and innovation brought by its 5g communication technology, artificial intelligence, whole-process   informatization and other information service products to the traditional manufacturing industry.


the theme of this expo is "cross-border integration & technology practical application". the exhibition scale is of nearly 20000 ㎡, and the exhibition covers leading innovative products, cutting-edge technologies, application services and solutions at home and abroad, covering the upstream and downstream industrial chain of smart retail, aiming to build a one-stop display, trading and cooperation platform for exhibitors and professional visitors. ali cloud, wechat payment, microsoft, intel and many other ai technology giants came to the exhibition, and bring new technology and products to the scene.


c&d information integrates the top intelligent hardware suppliers and intelligent software suppliers in the industry. aiming at the pain point of precise and real-time data collection in the production and manufacturing process, c&d information integrates the information flow in the whole clothing supply chain and enlivens the intelligent clothing supply chain. in this exhibition, c&d information (booth no. : c3t12) shows the audience how to turn c2b from concept to reality through intelligent software and hardware interaction:

1、garment isc cloud

c&d information shows how its clothing wisdom information supply chain solutions transform the one-way data flow mode of traditional supply chain products, including design and development, planned procurement, production and manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, and agency distribution to retail, into a full-supply chain management and collaboration platform with isc cloud as the data center/software and hardware interaction center. different hardware and software data of each link and business model interact in the isc cloud, and all participants of the supply chain platform have a high degree of collaboration, ultimately achieving cost reduction, efficiency improvement and inventory reduction.


2、garment smart factory

c&d information shares its intelligent manufacturing cornerstone clothing standard time gst, real-time data interaction between intelligent production equipment and clothing mes system, intelligent production scheduling aps system, visual material management wms, iot edge computing real-time calculation efficiency salary, face recognition system instead of traditional attendance, artificial intelligence (recognition) and cutting, printing inspection system, artificial intelligence (visual and tactile) machine hand sorting system, rfid technology to promote quality traceability and efficient logistics, retail new experience, following robot and so on.


on may 31, 2019 global shoes and clothing smart retail summit will be held in xiamen international convention and exhibition center   at the same time. the garment intelligent manufacturing business division of c&d information has precise layout and practical experience in the smart retail of shoes and clothing industry. mr. song xuehui, the general manager of the business division will attend this summit and deliver a speech themed "apparel intelligent supply chain", sharing innovative ideas of supply chain information service with industry practitioners and entrepreneurs.