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claud, the proprietor of meukow and his delegation visits c&d logistics -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-04-08

on march 26, claud, owner of chateau meukow, asia-pacific brand representative, president and brand manager of shanghai bai-yi, a brand operator in asia pacific, and their delegation visited c&d logistics group, a subsidiary of c&d inc. the leaders such as group chairman wang zhibing and general manager zhou lili of c&d logistics, received visitor guest warmly. both sides spread out depth to communicate about c&d extraordinary xo phase-type cooperation.


both sides reviewed the phase progress that c&d extraordinary xo product and achievement. the leader of c&d logistics introduced the current sales strategy of c&d, and the two sides had a heated discussion on the problems existing in the previous cooperation and the ideas for further cooperation.


chateau meukow owner claud mainly introduced the local conditions and customs of cognac region, as well as production capacity and output, from regional planting area can't large-scale expansion, planting costs rising and government to raise the xo legal storage life of multi-angle analysis of the current status of the cognac region in short supply, and said cognac xo level for a period of time in the future will be as a scarce resource circulation in the market.


both sides have reached consensus on the business philosophy of "creating rare and precious extraordinary xo", and will give full play to their respective resource advantages to further establish a mutually beneficial strategic cooperative partnership. by making use of professional wine supply chain service ability and relying on the whole-process control of international logistics, c&d logistics will introduce high-quality products into high-quality channels in a one-stop way.

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established in 1862, chateau meukow is one of the top five famous cognac brands in the world in terms of sales volume. in the early days, it mainly supplied to european royal courts and russian czars, and its products were distributed to more than 80 countries and regions in europe, asia and america. meukow cognac has been honored in various wine competitions around the world for its traditional and exquisite brewing techniques.