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improve quality and efficiency promote innovation and development, c&d inc.'s scale and efficiency hit a new high -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-04-23 | source:c&d inc.

operating revenue reached 280.382 billion yuan, up 28.26 percent year-on-year. profit totaled 10.493 billion yuan, up 58.58 percent profit was 7.632 billion yuan, up 58.15% year-on-year. the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company was 4.672 billion yuan, up 40.27% year-on-year. at the end of the year, the total assets were 217.454 billion yuan, and the shareholders' equity was 54.418 billion yuan. the operation scale and efficiency reached a new record high. this is the brilliant achievement c&d inc. (stock code: 600153) delivered to all shareholders in 2018.

c&d inc. is a modern service-type enterprise with supply chain operations and real-estate development as its dual main businesses. since listed in 1998, the company has developed steadily over consecutive years, with its operating revenue, net profit, net assets and other key economic indicators growing at annual average rate of 30% or so. in 2018, the company ranked 39th in fortune china 500, and its two real estate subsidiaries, c&d real estate and lianfa group, both ranked the “top 50 real estate development enterprises in china”.

c&d inc. focuses on improving quality and efficiency, and pursues efficient scale and quality performance growth. in 2018, the company's net operating cash flow increased by more than 23.3 billion yuan from the previous year. the company pays attention to shareholder returns, and plans to pay cash dividends of 5 yuan (including tax) to all shareholders for every 10 shares based on the total capital stock of 2.835 billion shares at the end of 2018, with a total cash dividend of 1.418 billion yuan.

c&d inc. adheres to the business model innovation oriented by value-added service concept and is committed to the innovation-driven development strategy. in 2018, the company successfully released the brand “lift” of supply chain service, and put forward the value proposition of improving customer’s value chain with value-added supply chain service, realizing added value of enterprise’s value chain, so as to lead the innovative development direction of the company. in 2018, the company was selected as “national pilot enterprise of supply chain innovation and application” by the ministry of commerce and other departments. in the same year, with the identity of “craftsman of new chinese lifestyle”, c&d real estate proposed a new brand concept to “build, understand, discover and deliver oriental beauty”, which is committed to creating the first brand of “new chinese style” products. lianfa group upgraded its strategic positioning to “operator of a better life in the city”, and simultaneously released the 3q life value system to create a better life scene in an all-round way.

enterprise management relies on talent, business development thrives on talent. c&d inc. guides its development with talent strategy and regards talents as important strategic resources and core competitiveness. as a state-holding listed company in a competitive industry, c&d inc. adheres to the market-oriented principle of the employment mechanism and adheres to the performance-oriented and development-oriented strategy to attract outstanding talents. the company cherishes talents, endows opportunities, fully authorizes and effectively encourages talents by providing a career platform for joint development with enterprise. in 2018, with outstanding performance in attracting, cultivating and developing talents, c&d inc. stood out among thousands of enterprises and was selected as one of “top graduate employers”.

new era, new mission. keeping this in mind, c&d inc. takes “exploiting new value for more people to live a superior life” as its mission, grasps new opportunities, takes on new responsibilities, practices industrial development with the spirit of craftsman, creates development space for employees, and creates public value for the society; takes up the social responsibility with pure heart, devotes itself to the public welfare actively, gives back to the society. c&d inc. has always been committed to becoming an outstanding enterprise with employees' love, shareholders' trust, customers' satisfaction and social respect. in the future, c&d inc. will continue to stand tall in the tide of the times and forge ahead in pursuit of dreams!