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c&d household wins the "annual craftsmanship design" award of xiamen cultural industry annual list in 2018 -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-04-01 | source:c&d household

the award ceremony for the 2018 “xiamen cultural industry annual list” was held on march 29. depending on the carving craft of suzhou area of its "red sandalwood furniture & household goods", c&d household won "annual craftsmanship design" award.


since its launch in 2013, "xiamen cultural industry annual list" has become one of the most concerned annual awards in the cultural industry field of xiamen by selecting and promoting cultural industry figures, enterprises, spaces and creative products with the most representative significance and model value in that year through public benefit every year.


as a member company of c&d inc., c&d household upholds the concept of "supply chain value-added ", inherits the traditional oriental humanistic aesthetics, integrates the current lifestyle, and provides customers with comprehensive services such as high-end chinese home furnishing, space design, soft decoration, art operation and cultural and creative products.