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c&d inc. is invited to participate in the construction of supply chain research institute of cflp -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-01-25 | source:c&d inc.

on january 19, 2019, at the invitation of china federation of logistics and purchasing (hereinafter referred to as cflp), as the sole representative enterprise of fujian province, c&d inc. established the modern supply chain research institute (hereinafter referred to as the institute) together with cflp and other industry partners. mr. zheng yongda, the general manager of c&d inc., has become one of the first experts together with many scholars and industry experts of supply chain research in colleges and universities in china.


the institute is the first professional, socialized and international non-profit independent third-party supply chain think tank in china. with the mission of "promoting innovation and application of modern supply chain, service supply-side structural reform and economic globalization based on new technologies and new models", the institute takes "domestic guidance and international discourse" as its goal,strives to build a high-level and influential supply chain professional research and consulting institution  by pooling social intellectual resources, to promote the innovation and application of modern supply chain theory and practice in china, and provide intellectual support for the development of national and local governments and enterprises.


in september 2018, c&d inc. was selected into the "national pilot enterprise of supply chain innovation and application". the "lift supply chain services" released in october has a positive significance for promoting supply chain innovation and has been well received by the majority of industry experts. by becoming a member of the board of directors and the expert committee, it is a recognition of the status of c&d inc. in the supply chain industry. in the future, c&d inc. will play an active role as a governing unit and jointly participate in promoting innovation and application of china's supply chain.