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c&d auto super luxury brand lineup to add a new member -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2019-01-09 | source:c&d auto

in january 2019, c&d auto officially joined hands with aston martin brand and became its only authorized dealer in fujian and yunnan province.


aston martin has a deep and vibrant history. in the brand's 105 years of development, aston martin has always been committed to creating the world's most "only and beautiful" super luxury cars, adhere to the integration of traditional manual manufacturing technology and cutting-edge technology, and combine the best design to create the world's most aesthetic models. aston martin also is the pronoun of the sports car with chic modelling, exquisite work and outstanding performance all the time.


at present, the temporary exhibition hall set up by aston martin in kunming has been in operation since january 1, 2019, to ensure the continuity of brand image and customer service to the greatest extent. the new comprehensive sales and after-sales service facilities are located in the center of kunming city and is expected to be put into use in the middle of 2019, bringing brand new experience to customers in yunnan province.

the new aston martin exhibition hall jointly invested by c&d auto and tinghu group is located in changle road, huli district, adjacent to xiamen free trade zone with superior geographical location. the new integrated sales and after-sales facilities are expected to be put into use in the middle of 2019.


this time, c&d auto has obtained the dealer authorization of super luxury brand aston martin, and increased its operating brands to 16, making further progress towards the enterprise vision of becoming "china's high-quality automobile ecological service provider".


in the future, c&d auto will continue to adhere to the service concept of "be professional in vehicle business, be sincere with people around", further improve the automobile brand network, and improve the customer service experience to a new level.