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new breakthrough in china-pg电子游戏网站

date: 2018-12-31 | source:c&d inc.

on december 30, 2018, the first batch of containers full of handicrafts from vietnam arrived in xiamen by sea for transit, and were successfully transported to moscow by the china-europe c&d train. this marks the success of the china europe (xiamen-moscow) c&d line in extending logistics services to southeast asia.

as an important logistics carrier of lift supply chain services provided by c&d inc., china-europe c&d line (xiamen-moscow) was first opened on august 25, 2017. it is the first direct and regular two-way special train in xiamen.


this is the first sea and rail transit cargo service operated by the c&d train since the general administration of customs approved xiamen to carry out the transit transportation of container goods from taiwan, southeast asia and other places in october this year. with the strong support of xiamen customs and other departments, the timeliness of relevant customs clearance and transit procedures has been greatly improved. all the transit and customs formalities have been completed in only one day, truly realizing the seamless connection between the silk road and maritime silk road. by sea transportation from vietnam to xiamen and then taking the train to moscow, the time limit of transportation is about half of that of the whole sea transportation, which effectively helps customers save logistics costs and improves the time limit of transportation.


from its opening in august 2017 to december 31, 2018, the china-europe (xiamen-moscow) c&d line has delivered 99 lines, 4019 40-foot containers, and the value of goods reached 1.473 billion yuan. among them, 71 trains were shipped in 2018, with 2868 40-foot containers worth 1.109 billion yuan.


this breakthrough in the c&d inc.’s logistics business connected by sea and rail makes full use of the unique geographical advantages of the intersection of silk road and maritime silk road in xiamen , not only expands the service area, but also improves the operation efficiency, so as to further integrate the logistics resources of china and europe and provide value-added services for customers.

in the future, c&d inc. will also give full play to the advantages of supply chain operators, expand service scope and service fields, combine the advantages of international logistics channels and supply chain comprehensive services through c&d train, explore potential value-added opportunities in supply chain operations links, and provide customers with better supply chain solutions.