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client: cofco w&w
date: 2020-01-17 | source:c&d
cofco w&w is a professional integrated operation platform for imported wines subordinate to cofco group, one of the fortune global 500. in recent years, with the improvement of people’s consumption level and the pursuit of quality of life, the imported wine market has ushered in explosive growth. following this trend, cofco w&w have formulated the strategy of “overseas selection, domestic determination”, so as to select2 good wines from all over the world for chinese people.
as a strategic partner, c&d logistics provided the professional customized service for import customs clearance to cofco w&w,assisting it to build a regional collection and distribution center.
according to the product characteristics of cofco w&w’s imported wines and the market planning after import,c&d logistics have customized the import customs affairs solutions for it,and carried out customs declaration pre-classification and pre-audit service in strict accordance with national standards.
at the same time,c&d logistics have reasonably planned the overseas shipping plan of imported wines,transport carrier selection and import declaration plan,so as to complete the sampling inspection work of high-value wines from well-known wineries efficiently and conveniently. while effectively improving the passing rate of customs declaration review and the efficiency of goods customs clearance,it also ensures that every product is legal and compliant.
besides, c&d logistics has customized the bonded and non-bonded integrated storage solution for cofco w&w,and set up an exclusive bonded storage area for it in c&d shanghai logistics center,which is equipped with diversified value-added services. according to the market sales situation, cofco w&w can also freely plan the outbound declaration quantity or re-export the bonded goods to the international market,so as to save operating costs and maximize revenue.
the customized logistics solution helps cofco w&w reduce inter-warehouse transportation and loading and unloading costs by at least 80%,saves more than two weeks of preparation and waiting time. by upgrading service processes from supply chain logistics operations, it helps cofco w&w shorten the supply chain, and bring global good wines for consumers more quickly.

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