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supply chain operator

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client: fonterra
date: 2020-12-28 | source:c&d
fonterra cooperative group is a global dairy nutrition company. it is committed to sharing the essence of dairy nutrition with the world through consumer brands, foodservice, ingredients supply and processing services.
the consumption in the chinese market is going through constant upgrades with its food&beverage industry seize the opportunities for breakthroughs and development, fonterra needs to transform our channel network. this requires to leverage a sound logistics system, integrate supply chain resource and streamline supply processes to provide customers and consumers convenient and fast experiences.
c&d food service assisted fonterra in achieving efficient and safe product delivery from the import side to the consumer through whole-process supply chain operation services.
faced with such a huge number of end-users scattered throughout various cities, relying on the national cold chain logistics network resources and based on the distribution of users, c&d food service helped fonterra to establish a cold chain logistics center and customer service system at the project's core ports,and provided such services as import customs consulting and warehouse distribution operation planning and integrating cold chain logistics resources to achieve timely delivery.
in february 2020, the sudden covid-19 outbreak had a dramatic impact on the outbound quantity. through agile coordination of logistics resources, c&d food service quickly launched the emergency response mechanism, completed much preparatory work such as resource allocation and information system linking within ten days,to ensure quality and safety while saving customers a high amount of detention costs in the port.
by leveraging years of experience in food supply chain operation,and digital r&d abilities, c&d food service helped fonterra to build a digital operation platform,in order to support the business scale's continuous growth.
in terms of food safety and quality, via the food traceability information platform, c&d food service joined hands with fonterra to strictly control every product circulation aspect to ensure consistent product quality. also,c&d food service customized a supply chain management and delivery information system for fonterra, to realize intelligent management of sales and operational processes through real-time interaction of order, inventory, and other data,to improve the transaction efficiency across the entire chain and lower inventory risk.
over the past four years of cooperation between fonterra and c&d food service, the channel transformation strategy has yielded good achievements. fonterra’s professional catering service channels cover an increasing number of cities, and has covered more than 400,000 foodservice outlets in 350 cities nationwide. the procurement efficiency has been greatly enhanced with the launch of the electronic order project, helping the downstream customers place orders on demand and get goods in time, focusing on the healthy and professional development of the business.

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