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c&d light industry elected executive vice president of fujian footwear industry association -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-08-25 | source:c&d inc.

on august 24, the fifth general assembly of the fujian footwear industry association and the 2023 fujian footwear industry supply and demand meeting came to an end in quanzhou. c&d light industry, a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc. (, was successfully elected as the executive vice president of the fifth council of fujian footwear industry association. c&d light industry will, as always, actively integrate into the high-quality development of footwear industry, practice the international development strategy, and work together with all parties.

at the meeting, chen zuyi, vice general manager of c&d light industry and chairman of putian jianxin supply chain co., ltd., introduced the provincial industry supply chain platform - putian jianxin supply chain co., ltd., a subsidiary of c&d light industry. as a provincial-level supply chain platform for the footwear industry,putian jianxin is based in fujian province, radiates the whole country and connects the whole world. focusing on the supply, manufacturing, sales and service of the footwear industry, putian jianxin has built a highly flexible and strong and resilient footwear industry ecology. its business covers the application scenarios of the footwear industry such as integrated purchasing and marketing operation, production and manufacturing, digital operation, cross-border and logistics services, and supply chain finance, enabling sustainable and high-quality development of the footwear industry.

looking forward, c&d light industry will work with putian jianxin to optimize the industrial ecosystem, continue to introduce more and better industrial ecological resources, improve the concentration of the industrial chain and industrial development level, and help china’s footwear industry to go to the world.