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c&d inc., together with its subsidiaries, participates in the 133rd canton fair -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-04-14 | source:c&d inc.

from april 15 to may 5, the 133rd 
china import and export fair (canton fair) will be held in guangzhou. in this canton fair, c&d inc. ( and its 6 subsidiaries will bring home appliances, clothing, shoes, household goods and other categories of products, using the platform of canton fair to expand the circle of friends of industrial chain in various fields, and making common progress with global partners.

the 133rd canton fair reaches the largest scale in its history, expanding its exhibition area to 1.5 million square meters with nearly 70000 booths and 34933 offline exhibitors, both of which have hit a record high. new pavilions, new themes, new enterprises, new products and new activities will inject new vitality into the canton fair.

as a regular visitor, c&d inc. together with c&d light industry, kingland, c&d enterprise, c&d paper & pulp, c&d aluminium and c&d candour, will show up in the areas of home appliances, shoes, clothing, luggage, building materials, automobile parts etc. by virtue of the window effect and spillover effect, c&d inc. hopes to reach cooperation with more overseas merchants, expand the scale of export, and work together for common development.

in recent years, c&d inc. has actively embraced the opportunity of opening up, provided high-quality logistics services for global customers through overseas warehouse, shangzhou logistics, china-europe railway express (xiamen - moscow). meanwhile, relying on the advantages of resources allocation at home and abroad, c&d inc. has improved the service ability of cross-broader export business, brand operation, international settlements, so as to help quality products go global.

by the end of 2022, c&d inc. has established multi-level cooperation with business partners along the belt and road, rcep, brics and other countries and regions, and has set up over 30 overseas subsidiaries and offices in the countries and regions above, and established business contacts with more than 170 countries and regions around the world.

c&d inc. will seize the opportunity of the canton fair to expand opening channels, enrich opening forms, improve opening efficiency, and jointly build a safe and reliable supply chain service system with merchants and partners from various countries and regions, share new global business opportunities, and write a new chapter of opening up.