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c&d inc. makes a appearance at china international consumer products expo 2023 -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-04-11 | source:c&d inc.

the 3rd china international consumer products expo (hereinafter referred to as
the expo) has kicked off in haikou, hainan province.on the morning of april 11th, c&d inc. ( held the opening ceremony of the c&d global booth at hainan international convention and exhibition center, officially presenting the expo.

this year is the third consecutive participation of c&d inc. at the expo, c&d further expanded the exhibition scale. its six member enterprises of consumer good group, together with dozens of domestic and foreign quality brands were displayed to consumers, and the practical experience and cooperation cases of the companys lift supply chain service system were shown to the upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain.

the grand opening of “c&d global booth
located at booth 1h30, hall 1,  c&d global booth covers a total area of over 500 square meters. relying on the brand concept of together go beyond, the booth organically integrates the overall image of the enterprise, all kinds of high-quality exhibits and supply chain services of consumer goods, which fully expresses the diversified business layout and product composition of c&d inc. consumer good group.

as the japanese contact point of xiamen overseas investment and trade service, c&d japan inc., together with a number of partners such as marubeni corporation, presents at booth 3h38, hall 3, bringing numerous high-end japanese consumer goods to consumers.

multiple signings reached & new products released
c&d inc. shares development opportunities with partners
at the expo, c&d inc. further expanded its circle of friends in consumer goods industry, reaching strategic cooperation agreements with several partners and releasing a number of new products on site.

c&d happywine & cono sur:to bring chilean fine wines to the chinese market
on the morning of april 11th, c&d happywine, a member enterprise of consumer goods group of c&d inc., signed a strategic cooperation agreement with cono sur, chiles national gift wine brand, making c&d happywine the most important strategic partner of cono sur in mainland china.

this cooperation is of great significance for c&d happywine to continuously enrich the product ecology and improve its ability to serve terminal wine consumer groups. it is also an important measure for the companys corporate vision of building a ecosphere supply chain.

c&d essential resources & kabrita: joining hands to develop a new pattern of healthy food industry
on the same day, c&d essential resources, a member enterprise of consumer goods group of c&d inc., held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement with kabrita. taking this cooperation as an opportunity, both sides will work together to open up new patterns and possibilities in the industry of milk powder, dairy products and  healthy food, realizing common industrial dreams and providing more diversified nutrition and health products for more consumers.

this expo is the first major international exhibition in china after entering the new stage of epidemic prevention and control. relying on the policy of hainan free trade port, the expo has set up a display window and trading platform for global enterprises, realizing buy global, sell global in hainan, and creating opportunities for global enterprises to share the chinese market and chinese enterprises to go global.

in recent years, c&d inc. actively takes advantage of the spring breeze of openness and sharing, relies on resource allocation advantages at home and abroad, comprehensively integrates upstream and downstream resources, constantly improves consumer goods service capability and market development level, so as to help partners reduce costs of the whole chain, promote structure optimization, better layout the chinese market, and jointly realize higher supply chain operation value.

looking forward, c&d inc. will make full use of its integrated supply chain service capabilities such as logistics, information, finance, trading to accelerate the construction of an innovative and open consumer goods ecosystem, and make progress together in the new development pattern of dual circulation.