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c&d inc. and c. steinweg group signs strategic cooperation agreement -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-03-31 | source:c&d inc.

on march 30, c&d inc. ( and c. steinweg group held the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement in shanghai c&d international building. lin mao, general manager of c&d inc., ulf boll, global president of c. steinweg group and business leader of both sides attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

at the meeting, general manager lin mao first introduced the companys operation and development overview in recent years, business fields and development ideas of international supply chain operation, and said that both sides had established a good cooperative relationship. looking forward, both sides would actively play advantages in the field of supply chain, and would continue to advance communication and cooperation.

ulf boll shared the global operation of c. steinweg group, and said that c. steinweg group hoped to deepen cooperation with c&d inc., strengthen the business linkage between two sides in the field of global commodity warehousing and logistics, and developed together.

the global logistics network of c. steinweg group will fully meet the international supply chain operation needs of c&d inc. according to the strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will carry out close cooperation around non-ferrous metals, minerals, pulp and paper, agricultural products and new energy.

taking this signing as an opportunity, the cooperation between c&d inc. and c. steinweg group has entered the stage of in-depth expansion. both sides will form regular meeting and daily working mechanisms to discuss specific cooperation matters, so as to promote the implementation of strategic cooperation and the continuous development of bilateral business.