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the 1st belt and road supply chain summit is held with c&d inc. board chairman zheng yongda delivering a keynote speech -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-11-21 | source:c&d inc.

november 20th saw the commencement of the 1st belt and road supply chain summit in kunming. the summit was co-hosted by the china federation of logistics & purchasing, china international electronic commerce center, and the department of commerce of yunnan province. at the opening ceremony, zheng yongda, c&d's general manager and party secretary and chairman of c&d inc., delivered a keynote speech on "supply chain service providers going global", in which he introduced c&d's business in countries and regions along the "belt and road".
according to chairman zheng yongda, xiamen c&d inc. ( has actively developed its international business, setting up offices in vietnam, japan, russia, and other countries and regions, and established trading partnership in 62 of the "belt and road" countries. c&d inc. attaches great importance to the construction of international logistics channels, and provides customers with high-quality global logistics services through overseas warehouses, shangzhou logistics and china-europe railway express (xiamen-moscow). in addition, c&d inc. keeps improving its level of international risk management, actively studying the policies and laws of various countries, strengthening compliance control, and effectively managing personnel safety and financial derivatives to ensure the smooth development of international business.
chairman zheng also shared two examples, namely, the cooperation project of steel production capacity going global, and the dual circulation layout of agricultural products. due to problematic areas such as a complex international trade process, steel price fluctuation, contractual default by customers, and exchange rate risk in the context of globalization, c&d inc. leverages its four advantages of "supply chain operation experience", "global layout network", "professional service ability", and "professional risk control team". this enables it to realize integrated management of logistics resources, financial resources, overseas market conditions, and merchants' information, which empower china's steel production capacity to go global. with respect to its agricultural products, c&d inc. has built a diversified and robust supply chain system for global agricultural products, and introduced global high-quality resources to serve industries involving the livelihood of china's people, realizing the complementation of domestic and international resources, and ensuring the safety of the agricultural supply chain.
in light of the new developmental pattern, c&d inc. will actively respond to the belt and road initiative and pursue further "going global", seeking to accelerate internationalization in parallel with further penetration into the domestic market. also, c&d inc. aims to take the initiative to integrate into the new development paradigm of dual circulation. with the commitment to enhance the value of supply chain services, c&d inc. will continue to expand the scale of its international trade cooperation in the future, share new opportunities for opening-up and development with partners in the global industrial chain, and create a bright future of opening-up and prosperity. only then can we help more people have a better quality of life.