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c&d chemical attends vietnam's international plastics & rubber industry exhibition -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-12-02 | source:c&d inc.

recently, the 20th vietnam international plastics & rubber industry exhibition (vietnamplas 2022) opened at the saigon exhibition and convention center (secc) in ho chi minh city, vietnam. xiamen c&d chemical co., ltd. (c&d chemical), a wholly-owned subsidiary of xiamen c&d inc. (, took part in the exhibition with a variety of polyolefin products and industry supply chain solutions.

"vietnamplas", a leading professional exhibition for vietnam's plastics and rubber industries, has a strong international presence in the fields of packaging, household items, and building materials, and is recognized as the most effective way to access the vietnamese market. with vietnamplas as the first stop on our overseas exhibition tour, c&d chemical aims to present its customers with lldpe, ldpe, hdpe, mlldpe, pp wire drawing, pp copolymerization, pp fiber, and other polyolefin varieties operated by the company, which will showcase the company's support programs and industrial partners. by riding on this opportunity, c&d chemical aims to unfold its high-quality product resources and professional service capabilities that contribute to the development of the southeast asian market.

in recent years, c&d chemical has put forth proactive efforts to respond to the national call of "going global" by advancing its "internationalization" strategy and seeking to open up the global market while simultaneously serving the domestic market. as a professional operation service provider of chemical raw material supply chain, c&f chemical has accumulated many years of experience in polyolefin business and established strategic partnerships with large and medium-sized petrochemical enterprises at home and abroad. c&d chemical has currently laid down a distribution service network that covers all of china as well as vietnam, and has arranged for business personnel to be station in vietnam. while setting up bonded warehouses there, the company has conducted re-export and export services of polyolefin raw materials through overseas platforms based in singapore, vietnam, and hong kong.

c&d chemical has been providing professional and effective production solutions oriented to customer needs, helping customers upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to achieve cost reduction and benefit increase. moving forward, c&d chemical will make continuous innovations in business models, enhance the service value of the supply chain, strengthen the resilience and security level of the industrial chain and the supply chain, provide customized and specialized services for upstream and downstream customers, and help them to realize value enhancement, thus jointly creating a better future for the industry.